Sunday, May 05, 2013

Art Vibration - 98


My 15th Art Work is display in Exhibition Of  Rav  Bikaji Society , at  Sudarshana Kala Dirgha , Bikaner, 

Bikaner a city of Rajasthan , In this month it will complete 527 year . Bikaner city was founded by Maharaja Rav Bika Ji , he did fixed the foundation day of this city by our INDIAN calendar date, we are saying to that TITHI AAKHA TEEJ of BESAKH MANTH . Its come in summer time .  this Indian Date ( TITHI ) our city peoples are celebrate  to our city foundation day by food and kite flying  . In food Women ‘s are cook to KHICHDA , IMLANI ( Natural sweet  cold drink) and handmade  BADI KI SABJI ( vegetable ) . Man’s are fly to kite in sky we have traditional kite in our culture and that’s name is CHANDA . that is in  big round shape .

On this days we are sing a classical or folk  poem line it was created specially for our city foundation   day .that is In Rajasthani Language ( AKHARI TIJ RO KHAVE RE KHICHDO TABRIYAA RO CHANDO UDE ) it mean on Akhatij day people are eat traditional food KHICHDO and Kids Enjoying to Kite flying in sky. This is a common cultural activity for our city foundation day by city peoples.

But Some literate person of  my city  was started a very artistic and cultural  celebration  for our city foundation day . they have created a society for that celebration. They have title of his or her society RAV BIKA JI ( founder King of Bikaner ) and they are celebrating  our city foundation day three days continue , they are start celebration before two days of city foundation day and they are complete to that celebration on real foundation day of Bikaner - AKHA TEEJ .

Myself with  my art work in Exhibition of Rav Bikaji Society, Bikaner.
Rav Bikaji Society is always promoting to our city culture and that’s cultural  art and literature person , they are give stage to performer , they are give art gallery to artist for his or her art presentation , they are give reward and award to senior and junior of our city for his or her best presentation in any field  like science , arts, sports, jobs, social workers and etc. it is a very classical activity  and true respect for city and that’s creators .

It was  my good luck if they have noticed  my art sound and selected me  for art exhibition of Rav Bikaji Society . I were received  a call from Rav Bikaji  Society , they were asked  to me for my art work exhibition , I were said it is   my good luck if  you are thinking for  my art sound and that’s  promotion by  your RAV BIKAJI  Society .

That was a group show at Sudarshana Kala Dirgha Bikaner, kind  your information that art gallery was a creation of King Family and today they are caring to that art gallery for city artist and literature persons . it is a true love for art and culture by royal king family of Bikaner, it is must or natural because they are founder of  Historical city Bikaner . so my special Army Salute  to our  Royal Bikaner King Family .

On exhibition day I were went to  Sudarshana Kala Dirgha  with  my small art works  ,that was on “life and math “ matter work, I did exhibited that art work in Mumbai art exhibition  before Rav Bikaji Society art Exhibition . that was  in three colors paintings black ,blue and yellow . total 15th paintings I were displayed in that art exhibition  .

Rav Bikaji Society was provided me  space in Art gallery for  my work display . in short time I were displayed  my work and handover gallery to Rav Bikaji society and to art visitors. That Was two days  art exhibition .
Some Movement of First day Art Exhibition of Rav Bikaji Society , Bikaner, 

First day  Director of Rav Bikaji  society  Shri Suraj maal singh ji  was inaugurated our art exhibition with senior writer Shri Bhawani Shankar Vyas Vinod ji ,Shri Vidhya sagar Acharya ji or U.C. Kochar . They All are founder of Rav Bikaji Society .

Closing day of Art Exhibition of Rav Bikaji  Society , Founder of Rav Bikaji Society is giving Interview to  our national
Television DD News team about art exhibition of Rav Bikaji Society Bikaner, 

In that art exhibition I were representing  to our contemporary art of Bikaner City . I  were got lots of comments and viewers in two days art exhibition  and on closing day  I did saw all member of Rav Bikaji Society were in our art gallery and they were promoting to my art sound. In that movement our national television Durdarshan , DD news team was covered  to our art exhibition that was a real art promotion  to myself by Rav Bikaji Society  and for that art promotion of Rav Bikaji I will  always give regards  to Rav Bikaji  Society , because on foundation day of  Bikaner city,  Rav Bikaji society  was exhibited  my art sound .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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