Sunday, February 22, 2015

Art Vibration - 366

Thanks To President of WMF

Last week I were joined to a table talk about heritage of  my city with architects team of our  world or yesterday I were received  a very informative letter from President of WMF . you can say it is very personal letter  to me from President of world Monuments Fund .
When I were received to letter of president of WMF. I were felt very happy because a international organization or that’s president is noticing to  my heritage care project time to time  by communication of online . The president  of WMF is accepting to me as a  team member of WMF and I am doing work about our heritage through  my visual art activity or action. The letter of president of WMF is a live reaction on  my visual art action about heritage . 

I can say I have created space  in vision of president of WMF or their team from  my live art activity of  care to heritage  , so they are sharing with me lots of about WMF time to time . I can say  they have read or observed to  my vision or that’s way of creation about heritage sense in mid of people . so they are communicating with me , informing me about new project of WMF . 

I can say  I have done signature  on vision of WMF from  my art activities and they are realizing it .its true because I have,  its  live example a private letter for me from President of WMF . 

Here I am sharing that letter copy in a image  for your reading ,I sure after read to this letter  you will know better about our true relation of vision of care to heritage .
Letter copy of President of WMF . I were received on  my E Mail ..  Date 20 Feb . - 2015

The President of WMF was  wrote me personally a letter , she  was started to letter by kind  words * Dear Yogendra * ..Her  kind word was created lots of respect in my heart for her . I think the president of WMF  is noticing  to me and  my daily art activity or writing about  art/heritage  subject . 

My daily online art update and writing matter is recalling to vision of president of WMF . I can say The president of WMF have knew to my vision  very well then she is sharing  with me her vision and future project about world Monument /Heritage . 

I can say I won the trust of president of WMF from my true art activity or writing it is  my real achievement of this real art journey  so I am thankful for the president of WMF .

Or here about this true communication with WMF ,  I wrote  thanks to president of WMF. 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Anonymous said...

Hi Yogendra,

I am afraid that the president of WMF did you not write to you personally. That was a formulaic email that went to hundreds or thousands of people. Due to a type of formatting in the email, your name was automatically inserted at the top because you must be in their database. It would appear to be personalized to everyone else who received it, too. That's how these things work.

I know several people who received the same message and it said "Dear" and their first name because of this. It would be great to get a personal letter from the president of WMF, but unfortunately that's not what this is.