Sunday, February 15, 2015

Art Vibration - 364

Academic Art Fair Culture
        Is convert  in Lucky Lottery

Academy its name of  right education about any subject . it can come in a student by practical or theory . it is a very old culture of our education in our world . I respect to it but when then it is live in its right format about right education . 

I am also Master of Art in visual art , I got this art academic education from a academic art institute of INDIA .thats name is Rajasthan School of Art , The British Government was started this academic  art education culture in INDIA through format of School of art . Mostly today  this school of art Education culture or institutes  are  available in all cities of INDIA . 

So it is giving academic art education to art students of INDIA . it is not bad ..ha 

But after a long journey  this academy word is convert today  in other format , Some academies are  judging to art work of  art students or artists . that academies are giving award and prize to art students  or artists . it is not bad , it is a way of promotion to right art  by right art action through  art academies . but its different work of academy  according to art history or today it is continue  as a academic art culture . 

1994 to  till 2007 I were observed  to live art activities of Art Academies of state level or national level . as a progressive art student many time I were participated  in exhibitions of academies or that’s art fairs . actually I did registered  to myself  in that academies  as a young artist of  My Nation that’s all. 

By exhibition or presentation of my visual art work I got  only good art viewers and art critics for  my better art journey . but with that live art participation of  myself I were noticed to academies work format or that’s result + output and I felt  today academies  culture  is converting  in lucky lottery  for a lucky art student / artist . 

 I am saying it  because  last  week I were received a E mail from Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy Jaipur . in that mail Academy was  posted me a application form about participation  in KALA mela ( Art Fair  of 2015 ) . In past I were participated  in Kala mela’s of Rajasthan Lalit Kala academy , in group, after pay very nominal charge . I were academic student of that time or my academic education was running in Rajasthan School of Art , I was student of B.F.A. Painting. 

Today I am master of Fine Art. Or in this academic knowledge condition  I am feeling  our present  art academies  are going  on other way . that is going out of art track , because today academies  are organizing art activities for artists / art students,   but struggler artist and art students can’t participate in that academic art activities because  academies are taking high  charge and fees on  artists / students  participation .

 I read the rule / regulation of art fair of Rajasthan Lalit Kala  Academy 2015 , this year  academy has fixed entry fee of art fair . that’s amount is very high . for solo 3000 /- rupees or for group 5000 /- rupees .

Rule/ Regulation or detail of  entry fee or charges of RAJASTHAN LALIT KALA  ACADEMY ART FAIR 2015 .

After 5000 /- or 3000 /- rupees fee artist and art student  feel full risk for recovery of entry fee . I know in Rajasthan visual art and that’s academic artists /art students  are doing struggle , because here art buyer is not interested in work of  young artists /art students , or art collectors  are  not collecting much more paintings from art fairs of academies . so struggler artist / art student are feeling full presser on mind after pay to Academies . it is a open risk for a true struggler artists /art students . it is true of today . 

Other side  Academy is select some selective work from art fair  they have limited prize money or awards . in a art fair maximum 200 artists /art students  participate then only 20 lucky artists / art students can get award or prize money . so it is very critical  in  my view . I am saying it because  my academic art education gave me this true art sense to me  for right academic value of a true art or that’s selection . 

In past our art  history was  designed academic words or that’s right definition.  that definition was gave to us lots of true and great academic art masters , we know to that great art masters name list very well , I can say our historical art academies were gave that great art masters to our world family  but today this academic culture is converting  in only a  format of lucky lottery . 

We know a person buy a lottery ticket for win to lots of money . but that person know it very well ,the lottery ticket is very risky may be it can give lots of money or may be nothing after open the draw . 

This same think is applicable on  academies  art activities of  today . Struggler Artist / art student is take risk for his/her  lucky  number . like a lucky lottery number  . I know art work come out  by soul of artist for peace of others mind  ,  it is not a format of lucky lottery. But today I am noticing   this lucky lottery culture in many art academies of my nation or our worlds . 

Where this new academic art fair culture will move or push to our world art ..where ? I am asking to all of  you .are  you have any answer about it ? 

Because I am observing it today everywhere in our academic art culture  so here I said Academic art fair culture is convert in lucky lottery … 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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