Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Art Vibration - 367

Blue Black Come Back

Art Work of Myself - year - 2008-09
Friend please remember to  my first art update of year 2008-09 . that was  starting  time of  myself art work journey .In that year I were painted  my previous works by blue and black colors. That painting was beginning of  a long  journey of myself - painting or research by way of art. 

In year 2009-10 , I were stopped to painting by color but I were continue lived busy in art work that was drawing work by pencil or ink pen . Year 2009 to till 2014 I were continue draw to myself  with limited elements or symbols . 

In this art journey I am taking test of my dedication, patience ,art commitment ,self research , self control or self express . it is continue by me  in format of painting . 

 In year 2015 , once again color come back in  my painting . it was a live change by time in  my art journey , you can say color come back  naturally once again  in  my art journey or I am  welcoming to color in my painting .

When I were started journey of  myself research  in that time I were painted painting by blue and black color but in year 2015 malty colors painting I have painted and shared with our world family through the online networks or this art vibration..

You all  facebook friends are noticing my daily art update and you  are knowing very well the natural change or movement of  my art work journey. You  have visited first work to till today update of  myself art work  

Today I am writing this post because after six years again blue and black color  come back in  my painting , it is  come back unconsciously but it is come back . In last six year I were not used to color or when I were used color  that time I did  not thought if I will use again blue and black color  for  my future paintings. 

I have used same color for my painting but painting visual is very different today to  my first painting  . it have a new and different look in same color blue and black . recent painting of myself have same element of my first painting , here I am sharing that’s images  for your visit , I sure painting visuals will so  you two view with different angle  in  same color blue and black . you can compare to both from  your vision and then  you will see difference  in my two same color paintings  of different  time .

Recent Art Work of Myself  - year - 2015

Step by step I am getting maturity about  my art journey or about  myself research and I am registering to that experience in visual  language  through  myself for  your observation . this art journey is continue with me or  my every breath , it can’t stop to it ,  without any time brake or life brake . so I am busy in journey of myself or today once again  I did pointed to myself with beginning color painting of blue and black or here I am sharing  it with  you because today once again blue black come back in my painting  ..

So here I said about it in poetic sound .. blue black come back …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Virve Karotam said...


Estonian landscape is like our flag in winter...blue, black and white
I'm glad that you use these colors !