Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Art Vibration - 362

Vinayak Is Noticing To
My Emotion’s

Published on date  26-1 -2015 , Bikaner.
Friends Vinayak is a daily evening news paper of  my city . I can say it is a first evening news paper of  my city so I am thankful for Editor of this news paper . because he was started a evening news paper  in our city just like metro cities of INDIA. 

I am not connected  direct to this news paper , but on online I am connected  to Editor of Vinayak news paper or that’s news desk team . it is a good thing because Editor of Vinayak have literature person  in his news desk team. By luck that team member is on facebook or they are connected with me as a online friends .
I know  you are thinking why I am saying it to  you . so I want to tell  you  my friends I am telling it because it is must if  you know a news team is noticing to emotions of a artist and they are give place to his emotions in their news paper for social attachment . 

You know last two month was very sad for our Bikaner literature and art society . we lost to our two senior  writer , I were connected to both of them as a junior artist and I were wrote some kind words about them  on facebook from  my emotional side of heart and vision. 

 On facebook  page  you can read that posts of myself I were updated for them . my facebook page link is here for  you ..  https://www.facebook.com/yogendra.purohit.7

Vinayak  news publication desk team was noticed  to  my updated posts by facebook and they were used that for publication of vinayak on page Rang  Rajasthani  .


Published on date  2 -2 -2015 , Bikaner.
They were translated my Hindi post in Rajasthani language and published very well with other senior writers of Bikaner. Dr. Neeraj Daiya was translated  to  my Hindi post after noticed  to  my emotions and respect for  my senior late writer of city Bikaner, they were Sir Surya Shankar Pareek ji and Sir Suraj Singh Panwar Ji . 

 Dr. Neeraj  Daiya  is a literature person and he is pure writer of  Rajasthani language  , so he was translated very well to  my Hindi note in Rajasthani with true sound of  my emotions . Dr. Neeraj Daiya  is also connected to me on facebook to last one year. so he is noticing to me every day by my new updates  of facebook . so I can say about him he is know me very well as a friend or as a senior person of literature / art family . 

Dr. Neeraj Daiya was informed to me about  my note publication in Vinayak news paper by facebook chat . he was shared link to me of page Rang Rajasthan . here that’s page image I am sharing with  you for your visit and notice . 

 When I saw to that page images on  my facebook wall I were felt happy or confident because  I were observed it, my senior literature person are noticing to  my writing motion or my true emotions  and they are giving to that right publication for true public relation . 

So here I said vinayak is noticing to my Emotion’s …
Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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