Thursday, February 26, 2015

Art Vibration - 368

Art work on Request

Friends I am giving respect to true relation of life  in  my true art life , I am honest for  my relation of art, family, friends and social circle . Today I can say I have very strong relation to my world family , I have touch to all over world in field of art by  my art vision .

Mr. Govind Singh Rathore ji posted me this image
You can say my art is giving to me true relation in our world day by day .because  I have very committed relation to  my art in this art life . by this art relation I have touched to lots of artistic and true heart and vision of our world . here I will not count how many presidents , art galleries ,art lovers , art promoters ,art collectors or artists are in  my art circle or in art relation.. 

But here I want to share with  you one thing about  my art relation .when  my friends need to me help about visual art I am giving  my 100 % to them , because it is  my art duty as a art master . I am not thinking about profit or loss , because art always give profit to our society and to social culture . Art is  making reach to vision of a true committed artist .so I am not thinking about profit or loss when I am creating  art for society . 

This committed nature is giving me lots of love and trust of others art lovers or art societies  . this nature is giving me true relation  in  my life for a long art journey .this art nature is creating a fresh and clean space about me in vision of  art lovers and promoters of art . So it is great movement and way for me .

Last 25 years to I am continue busy in art work ,mostly every day I have done some creative work by me as a art work or as a exercise of art work .Today  this is continue with me  and  it will continue till my end of life. Ha 

In this art journey I have received may art requests from good art lovers, promoters  or artist friends . I did completed that all art requests for them  without any hope or demand .because  my education was taught me about art,  art mean give to others for his /her better education of how to  design peaceful life in our world  . so I am giving when I am collecting and receiving any art request from my social circle /relations. 

Here I want to give a live example about this talk , yesterday  I were received  a request from Mr. Govind Singh Rathore , he is a Private Assistant of Hon’ble princess of Bikaner Rajyashree Kumari Ji . Mr. Govind Singh ji  was posted me a online request about a photo editing work on a B&W picture , in his message I have read his full confidence on me or  my art editing work . so I were accepted his request very first as a true artist of Bikaner. 

He was wrote to me this kind words in his language ( Request you to kindly colour tint this image for princess Rajyashree kumariji of Bikaner . you had done the same to Princess Chand kanwarji photograph. Red or Pink sari colour will be best . ) 

After received this request I were colored to his posted image in color  and I were completed a art job of myself . I did cared  to trust of Mr. Govind Singh Ji . because he was posted me that image with full confidence on me . 

When I were colored to that image , I shared with mr. Govind Singh ji and then to Hon’ble Princess of Bikaner Rajyashree Kumari ji . 

Kind  your information our Hon’ble Princess of Bikaner Rajyashree kumara ji also connected with me on facebook so she was liked to  my photo editing work and posated me a thanks message in her words ..she wrote it to me  ( Thank you very much it’s a lovely effort I like it very much . Regards . )

I did colored it after photo editing work on Photoshop

I felt happy when I were read that kind words of our Hon’ble princess of Bikaner Rajyashree kumara ji , she was again noticed to  my art exercise and she was liked to my art work in form of photo editing work. She was noticed it if I did this art work on request of her private Assistant Mr. Govind Singh Ji , it was to great  for me ..Because  Roayal king family of Bikaner  is knowing to me and they have a fresh art relation with me about creative art challenge . that challenge are coming from  their historical art records or that’s conservation action  
Yesterday I did a art work on request of  Royal King family of Bikaner ..Because they have trust on me and I have lots of regards for them because the Royal king family of Bikaner was founded to Bikaner city . The first king of Bikaner was care taker of  my four fathers family and today I am caring to art  request of royal king family of Bikaner  as a member of Bikaner family . here we have feeling / caring relation between us ..ha ha 

So here I said about  art request , art work on request ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of  Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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