Sunday, March 01, 2015

Art Vibration - 369


Budget it is a very important section of a successful nation , without budget or that’s planning no one can get a right way for real success in life or in nation. Budget is a planning of  present / future about betterment by natural growth . we know today our world is going in economy sector ,there people are like a skilled machine for money making ..its a nice joke but its fact of today in  my view.  you know I have a artistic view about our world family so I can say it to  you ..ha 

I am saying it because today first time I were joined a live conversation about budget  in  my city . that was a table talk on subject budget 2015 INDIA . Organizer Dr Ajay Joshi ( Economist )  was invited  to me for that live table talk of budget . I said to Dr. Ajay Joshi  I am artist and  my pocket is empty today so this budget is not useful for me or about  my art journey . but he want to me in that live table talk so in respect of him I were joined his table talk about budget 2015 India at Ajit Foundation Bikaner. 

In that live table talk I were listened  to Dr. Cum C.A. Shudhesh Sharma , Dr. Narsingh Bihanni ,Dr. Anil Sharma . Advocate Shanakar Lal Harsh or Dr. K. k. Sharma . they all were talked  on budget or that’s special points like , tax , subsidy ,employment or skill development . in mid of that table Talk we were taken one cup tea from Ajit Foundation and after tea brake Dr. Ajay Joshi was invited to  youth for open discuss on budget . so I were got chance for share  my view on our BUDGET . 

Myself is  Listing to talk about Budget 2015 INDIA at Ajit Foundation , Bikaner.

I said on skill development matter , I said a student share his/her four years in a degree after that he/she get master in two years then PHD in three to four years . so  in 9 to 10 years education or that’s exercise Government or that’s university is give  a certificate of perfect skill to that student . after get the perfect skill from institute the student is seeing to him/her in crowd of unemployment’s  , student  skill need way of income but  today way of income or  system of Government need more skill from student I asked  about skill , why is it in demand of our budget 2015 India ? 

left Side to Drcum C.A. Shudhesh Sharma ,Dr. Ajay Joshi & Sanjay Shrimali
After listen  my question Dr. K.k. Sharma chair person of that table talk , he was gave answer to all  , he was quote to  my talk about skill development matter  and he  said today we have forget to our real economics  system of INDIA . Our  politics is up on our economics  system . 

 In that movement I felt our economist are in presser of contemporary political system , in past political system was following to system of economics , there political system was giving full respect to economics  system or to economist’s  ,  its example is , The time of King Chandragupt Morya , King Jalalu Din Akabar or king of Bikaner Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji .they all kings were created work for people then people were developed very strong skill by work or work..

Left Side to  Advocate S.L.Harsh  ,Dr Ajay Joshi , Dr.  K.k. Sharma ,Dr. Narsingh Bihanni , at  table talk on Budget 2015
In art philosophy I have read it “ work can teach to work ” work mean practice and practice make man perfect( Skill )  we all know it today and we are using this caption for our statement in mid of society . so skill development key in hand of government of INDIA that’s key is only work creation format  for people . 

But our budget 2015 INDIA need skill to people today  , without work skill is not possible in any condition,   it is true ..its  my view ..

So after listen to live talk of all economist’s  of  my city Bikaner about our budget 2015 India.

  here I said budget need skill and skill need budget …
Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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