Saturday, March 21, 2015

Art Vibration - 373

1600 Paintings Of Myself
For Visit of Our world Family

Myself in collage style

Math’s figure is giving to us sense of our record . in it ,we can add to our age record ,our journey record ,Our vision  record  ,  ,our time record or our  working energy record  . this record is giving to us a level in our society . our society is giving to us more easy way for more recordable work in our world family . it is a circle of record or new record creation by us. 

 I am master of Fine Art so  after  my master education I am continue busy in painting creation work as a freelancer art master from  my art studio . In  my studio mostly every day I am creating a painting  in  my own style . I am saying to that MYSELF is a research of myself by me through the painting work exercise 
Myself In collage style

In this research of myself  today I have completed 1600 paintings ( Visuals of Myself ) . it is a flow of myself or it is transforming of self  by me on paper through  color and lines . you can say it is natural with me just like other great art masters of our world or it is a way of art creation , I have trust on it so I am following to it today .. 

Myself In Collage Style
On a one think I have created 1600 visuals with many different art mediums or styles of art creation , that style’s are  painting, drawing, , collage , Digital graphic , installation or etc . 

 Here on this art vibration or on online network -  facebook./ Google + / twitter/linkedin ,  I am sharing my recent art work visual for visit of our world family . this art sharing work I am  doing continue  on online to last eight years by  strong support of our BSNL online broadband  service of INDIA . 

Today after 1600 paintings of myself I am inviting to art critics of our world family for visit to  my art work . I sure they will notice to my art journey after this 1600 paintings of myself  research work . 

This collage painting by Dr Amitabh Bachchan  2015 its reply to me by collage art art work of him
On online many senior art promoters and art lovers + artists are noticing to  my art work and time to time they are promoting to  my art visuals from their own online page or blog . on art vibration  I have shared  last post for a true art promoter Artist Jorge Azevedo Portugal . 

I saw a live reflection of myself art vision  on vision of  Dr. Amitabh Bachchan Sir( Senior Cine Artist of INDIA – Super Star of HINDI CINEMA )  . yesterday I were shared a link of myself collage painting with Dr. Amitabh Bachchan Sir , he was noticed  to  myself collage art work visual on his own blog page by my reply and in next post of him I saw a magical result of  my post . he was shared a collage painting image , that was a creation of him with his own image ..ha 

here his creative collage painting image  for your visit , I were collected it from his blog page for your visit by this post of art vibration. . you can say we did communicate our art communication by self creation in form of collage painting or art work. Silently he was promoted to myself creation exercise by his own creation of collage painting so here I am thankful for him and here lots of regards for him because he is a true art promoter of myself as a right art critic.  

I know many educated seniors are noticing and observing to  my art exercise day by day . and today after 1600 painting  I am inviting to  Art critic of our world family on  my art work .

Because  myself  visual poetry have completed a long journey with 1600 visuals or its continue ..

So here I said 1600 paintings of myself for visit of our world family …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


Ben Freeman said...

This explains a lot. I was thinking to myself that your artworks seemed to represent a journey of some kind. Excellent work.


Great artworks! Congracilation! :)