Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Art Vibration - 371

They know the role of Art in  Student’s life

A letter  to me about Art selection at SKRAU. from Dr. Mrs. Chitra Henry .
The Art is a very important activity of our human society . it was started from beginning of Life on our earth . today we have lots of records of our history or past culture  in format of Art form . Art is a Folk of our life , its connected  to our Soul or in science language it is connected  to our Conscious , subconscious or unconscious . 

So Art  is a live activity of our live  culture. With time we human’s  have been got lots of education from our own research on this earth or in universe . we have designed lots of subjects  for study . today we have lots of Academic education  Universities in our world . here I will not  write to name of subjects or name of all universities of our worlds.  because in short I will complete to this post  for  you with right meaning of this post title , my art is teaching it  to me * say in short and limited *   .

Here  this week  I were joined  a activity of selection of art collection by a university of my city . you can say that was a art call for me because I am master of Fine Art . as a artist I were accepted that call offer for selection of art collection . 

Our nation INDIA is organizing every year youth festivals under universities of INDIA . so my senior Artist Dr . Mrs. Chitra Henry was called me for selection to art work of  students of Swami Keshwanand Rajasthan  Agriculture University Bikaner or two other universities of Rajasthan . 

 On  time I were joined to  Art Selection team at Swami Keshwanand Rajasthan Agriculture University Bikaner. There I were visited  many colorful art exercise of  students of Agriculture Subject . that was magical output from students of Agriculture . I were  surprising after visit their art work ,art dedication or creativity . 

I know Agriculture is very different subject  to art , but I have done farming work like a student of Agriculture in our farm land .  So I know to nature of both subject , what is nature of art and agriculture .  So here I said  after visit to their  art  work I were surprising in selection time . 

Senior artist Dr. Mrs. Chitra Henry was gave us mark list and she was displayed  art works of Students  of Agriculture subjects in front side of us . there I saw many idea and art format , like Cultural Rangoli , Collage Painting , clay modeling ,poster art , cartoon art and painting . 

There   participation was very limited but that was class work of Agriculture students , that live art work was showing full interest of  students in art by their vision . it was great live action of art for my observation. 

By rule of selection I have done  my job as a art master and there I were noticed it , the format of Indian Universities  or that’s education system know the role of art in student life . so they are organizing every year youth festival or in this festival they are creating  art space for other subjects students . they know art is filling  color in life, art is giving refreshment of mind , art is giving creative idea for future design and much more . 

So here I said  they know the role of art in students life . 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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