Saturday, March 07, 2015

Art Vibration - 370

The nation INDIA has been done One day Painting job

Myself  - Photo by  - Sharad Joshi ( My Niece - Junior  Cricketer ) On Holi  festival  2015
Friends we know in our world we have lots of jobs for our life , some  jobs for money making format or some jobs for fun taking  format . but that both types of job is working for our better life on this earth . 

I am master of Fine Art and  my real job is painting creation or visual creation for our society , at present  my income is live fun of  peoples because they are getting fun from  my painting so their real fun is  my real art income after a right art job about them . You can say  I am painting as a professional artist . so I can accepting  it easily because  I am doing it. 

But what  you say when a nation is live busy in painting job for full day ? or about  creation of fun for others as a professional ?

Yes  my friends we Indian are live busy a full day in work of painting by lots of colors . we have a special day for our painting job . we are calling to that a festival of colors  in Hindi we are calling to that day of HOLI .
Yes Holi is a festival of colors , in a one day our all Indian families are live busy in work of manual painting to face of others by hand through water or dray colors .

Photo from Google Image thanks to Google Image

 In this coloring job we have no any age limit because on day of festival of Holi every INDIAN is taking his /her job for a full day about creation of fun for others. 

We are playing Holi but actually we are coloring to others as a professional painters . in job of coloring we Indian invest our time, color, feeling and human energy or in income we get just a true smile on others faces, we used touch therapy with color and give our hand touch on face of other with full love and blessing , by that touch therapy we can touch to hearts  of other peoples in a one day . 

Photo from Google Image thanks to Google Image

On day of Holi festival In India  you will see colored faces and colored hands of painting job workers . when a INDIAN is get busy in painting job for paint to other face in same time he played role of a canvas because other one is paint to his face by water or dray colors on day of holi .

On this painting job day ( Holi festival ) we are not asking to any one why he /she paint our face because we are job creator of them and they are too, for us ..ha ha 

Photo from Google Image thanks to Google Image
This one day painting job is create a big festival environment in our nation and it  was started when Hindu Sanskriti or that’s history was started very first  in INDIA . so today we all INDIAN are following to this painting job of our late INDIAN or our late Hinduism GURU’s In INDIA. 

You can’t imagine it , how to  in a one day we all INDIAN are complete our painting job and that’s result is come out in front side of us with a magical view . because in a one day we are paint  mostly all faces of our nation people’s  . you can say it is our well committed painting job of a one day painting job work .it real income is get together, fun motion, physical exercise ,revive to social relation ,touch to others soul and a light mind refreshment of nation peoples . so in  my view festival of holi is a very professional painting job about fun income .  

Myself with kids of  family  - Photo by  - Sharad Joshi  ( My Niece - Junior  Cricketer ) On Holi  festival  2015,
 I am master of Painting  but on day of holi people are paint to  my face by colors , they are create very creative colorful portrait of myself  by water and dray colors  on day of holy .  I am observing ,Very professional  & committed painters are  in of vision of other peoples in   My city or nation .

( Kind  your information yesterday we all INDIAN were played Holi festival  by lots of color or peace  in INDIA . ) 

So here I said it about festival of holi as a master of painting * the Nation INDIA has been done one day painting job ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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