Saturday, March 14, 2015

Art Vibration - 372

A Senior Artist Of Portugal is Notice To Art work Of Myself

My painting updates by Artist friend Jorge Azevedo Portugal  on facebook .com

Visual art is a very old language of communication in our human culture . in every cultural time of our history  we can see to this language for better communication . some time it was in form of painting and drawing and some time it was in symbols or text . today we have many format of this single language, I can define it for  you , today in visual language  we have painting, sculpture , illustration , cartoon, cinema, Photography, digital graphic , theater, dance and texts ( kind  your information text is also Visual  of our inner sound) .

I am master of visual art so as a master I am communicating to our world by visuals and this visuals are doing  journey by many ways in our world today . for example I can express to  you the way of journey of visual language in our world .
First is live art exhibition, second is Virtual  art exhibition. on online today our world have lots of way for visual language promotion or that’s communication , that is online web sites, blogs, ( this art vibration is in one ) , online social networks and ETC. its is section of virtual art exhibition ) 

Last  eight years to I am connected to online communication format about communication by visual language for promotion of visual language . in this eight years I were connected many artists, art critics and art lovers  on the way of online communication or it is continue today in  my art journey . 

I have lots of records and data’s of  my online art communication or work of visual language promotion but I can’t share all things of that at here with  you in very short words so very very sorry ..

 But that’s strong example I have for  you or for your strong vision. Today  a senior person of Portugal Mr. Jorge Azevedo .he is saying to me  I am not artist but in  my view he is a very sensitive artist of our art  world family . last 6 years to he is continue connected to me on facebook online communication network  and he is noticing  to  my art work and time to time he is sharing my art visual  on his wall page of facebook . in past I were shared a post about his art promotion  with post No. 218 on this Art Vibration . you can check it . 

Today he is again inspired to me for share his  live art activity or a live art action about visual language promotion. he is giving his important  time to world artist or their works by facebook and then he is share artists  works and our world family is notice to his art updates  with lots of likes on Facebook updates . He is very honest for art and artist work. 

Today Senior  artist Jorge Azevedo was shared  art works album of his six facebook friends , in  that friend list today he was selected work of artist of Iran , France, Russia, Brasil or India . he was updated selected 36 art works of his artists friends . 

I can say it to his live art action of today  a online art exhibition on facebook by facebook networking . Artist Jorge was exhibited my works with other international artists of our world . so it is a online group show by Artist cum coordinator Mr. Jorge Azevedo Portugal . 140 something art lovers  have been visited to this art exhibition and 30 something have been shared it through his /her wall page on facebook . so it is a good online international artists group show for me or for other friends of Mr.  Jorge  

My daily  art work updates are  creating  real vibration of art in vision of senior person Jorge  and that’s reflection is art work promotion for me by him on facebook  . his art action was started revive action about art  relation by art communication on online system . 

 So my big thanks to Sir Jorge Azevedo Portugal . he is always notice to my art activity and art work on his online communication space .

So here I said about him A senior Artist of Portugal is notice to art work of Myself.

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


venceras said...

so beautiful worlds from you.
Yes it is a superior(excessive)kind of language this one,please gods give me the perpetual energy to try understand all of them...

Unknown said...

So nice !!!