Saturday, December 02, 2017

Art Vibration - 477

One More work Dedicate To
 Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci

Friends we know the Great Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci was a great creator . he was created very much for all sectors of his contemporary life . he was provided better and easy way to society ,  arm force , art and culture too . he had touched to all subjects of life in this nature for more comfort to  life by way of art and practice of mind . so I am very thankful for him and I am respecting to his great vision . 

 Kind  your information  my art vibration blog or that’s year 2017 is fully dedicated to Great Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci . I have updated two images of his art work  and many posts of this year  . that’s very close to his art vision . I am trying to touch to his great vision by way of art about a easy life of our society or human family too . 

Last week I created a very simple or easy geezer for hot water . you can say its home made geezer . here winter time is on  so water is live  near 10 degree c. its giving cold feeling to women of house maker . I faced this trouble in my home  my mother  and the wife of  my younger brother  they both felt cold when they washed to metal pots or plates in our kitchen .

So I started work for a home made geezer . I used a big stainless still pot/water tank  and on that pot I fixed a water supply  pipe and joint to  sink of our kitchen . for water hit, I used a iron road , that is hitting to water in very short time about one time wash to all sink item of our kitchen . 

 I designed it for safety or easiness. it is working and taking very short time and saving to electricity to much . this point of my  concept is touching to concept of  great maestro Leonardo da vinci . so I dedicated  this work and post to him from this art vibration blog . 

 In visuals   you can see how to I designed that simple and easy home made geezer for hot water . I have taken some help through  iron man, he was welding to one connector of water pipe on still tank .

So in very low budget or in very short time a home made geezer was ready for use in kitchen . this home made geezer is caring to health of women in cold time , its saving electricity power , it is safe and easy in use without any fear , so its fearless . this special design is very useful for common society of our world  so I am dedicating it to great maestro Leonardo da vinci .

This work is not much more high idle or very expansive but its impression is very positive and healthy for social life in winter time .

So I said about it , one more work dedicate to great maestro Leonardo Da vinci .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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