Tuesday, December 05, 2017

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Final Stage Of My Natural Painting 2017

Friends  you know I am living busy in natural painting in rain time of every year . last five years to continue I am doing natural painting ( in farming language that’s title is farming  work . )

This year my natural painting has been  accepted by Prafulla Dahanukar art foundation Mumbai  . it’s a special art gift to me from great art vision of Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation . they have read  to  my art view and angle for  nature creation by human efforts . 

I shared about  this natural painting with  you on this canvas ( blog ) in past ,  this year I got JETH Ki BAZARI from My natural painting work . pure natural food corns . it was blessing of nature on my natural painting so I am thankful for nature . 
Yesterday I did final work of  my natural painting 2017 . actually I invited to a grass cutter from  my village Mad. That guy came and cut to dry grass and made dry food for cows ( wild life ) . it was final stage of  my natural painting of this year . now after collection of animal food  my natural canvas is free for next natural painting . 

The dry grass will food of a cow about one year . so I can say  my natural painting  will give one more year life to cow ( wild Life ) . my art work will care to wild life naturally by process of natural food . this kind of work is giving me proud feeling in myself . I am happy time and  my god have selected to me about this art work for our nature or wild life. 
Yesterday my health is not good and that same condition was with grass cuter man , but we both were committed about that work so in evening time we did started the work . we were  three hour late but we were updated about care to wild life .In darkness of evening , we started grass cutting work or in a one hour he did completed that work with his three helper . in winter or illness  condition we lived busy in very short light in that big canvas . I shoot some visuals or that live and nature care work in that darkness from my mobile camera . here that visuals you can see or  you can notice how to we finish to work of wild life care project in darkness . 

 I am happy because my natural painting work is caring to nature , nature life , human life, wild life  by support of nature . so I have big respect for our nature because by support of nature I can work for positive energy in our universe . the nature is creating energy in myself and I am creating more energy in nature for natural energy about life . 

Over all yesterday evening ,I have completed final stage of my natural painting and the wait is start for next natural painting , this wait will on till rain  time of next year,  I mean in year 2018 . hope next year nature will bless on me  much more then I will care more life of nature , human, wild life  in our universe . 
Yesterday evening  work was final touch to my natural painting so here I said to that work ..

 Final stage of my natural painting 2017…

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Bidhan Biswas said...

h e dear its very good news and you are so dedicated to do work and success would be come to near you