Friday, November 08, 2013

Art Vibration - 260


We know our universe is a function of energy . Sun is a center of Energy  by that center to our universe is collecting energy . by that energy on earth nature and life is working naturally . On earth we human caught five way of energy by our observation or sensors .   that is air, water, fire, sunlight, or natural food .but this energies is working for  natural life on this earth.

We human have mind we know how to use to nature or that’s energy for our life . we human have been  converted  that natural energy in two way for life. One is positive energy and second is negative energy  you can say it is our observation on face of  energy  . this two way of energy is a  creation of human mind . its example we can see in historical mythology or that’s true stories.  In Indian Mythology positive energy was came on earth in form of god for remove to negative energy from this earth or universe.  In western mythology god Christ Masiha was came for positive energy . he was observed and collected  all negativity energy  on his body in  that time and got death.  he was removed  negativity of that time . he was used his body  like a recycle been  , we know how to Christ Masiha was got death by negative peoples of that time . actually there people were not negative there negative energy was working by people so in last movement Masiha was told to Super Energy for that negative condition of people  visions , he told they don’t know what they are doing god. ! this same thing is in Ismal there follower of positive energy are accepting only form of light or energy,  they have not imagined or saw live to god but they know positive energy and super energy is working on negative energy on this earth .  that energy is in form of direct light. Light  of sun or  light of soul.

Here I am saying  it because  I were thought  on this topic very much and then I were created a poster image as a social art work. That was on negative energy or that’s impression on society. I were created  that art poster after observed to corruption sound of contemporary  time.

In present  time our INDIAN Mythology is saying to us  it is a very critical timeits name is KALYUG .  it mean negative time for our world or nation. That negative energy is working everywhere in nature and in life or in vision of people. That’s result is corruption and corruption and corruption.

But in this critical condition  someone have positive energy  just like Christ or Masiha , like PIR PEGAMBAR, like SANT or Like GURU. They are working with his or her positive energy on this earth for care to environment of our earth.  In history of INDIA  some King was worked for positive environment  by his positive energy.

King -  RAJA HarishChandra he was lived with true or with his positive energy so he was changed  to vision of Negative  energy  of  critical Sant VISHWAMITRA . After King Harishchandra  , king VIKRAM DITYA was worked for positive energy in his king time , in his king  time corruption was removed from his country. In his king time people were not locked to  home because there were no fear about any negative activity or corruption . king Vikrama Ditya was caring to people and that’s positive energy by positive system , he was knowing the definition of positive energy or that’s use on this earth.  He was gave a right definition to world about positive energy or that’s use . he was not gave chance to negative energy for enter in his country . he was knew where to negativity is come in life so he was giving to people food, home, or a right positive job for a positive life. When a person live with positive sound then he will create positive energy for others, otherwise negative energy is ready for kill to positive environment of this earth.  King Vikrma Ditya was knew it and he was gave a corruption free country to our nation in his king time. He was not a only a king he was a great positive energy of our earth.

After King Vikrma Ditya many other were noticed and followed his positive  working way  but they were not got success like King Vikrma Ditya . it is proving after King Vikrama ditya  other kings could not worked on negative energy by his positive activity  or that’s result corruption was started with full negativity . it was critical but fact of past .

In my art education I were read a philosopher Meg dugal was observed to this energy point by his vision . he was wrote  life or that’s base , he was caught to basic or true condition of positive or negative energy , you can say he was founded the key of human life or that’s energy way, he said life have two base for live , one is fear and second is hunger condition .

Here  the philosophy of  Meg dugal   is connecting  to  philosophy of King Vikrma Ditya or his positive work for positive environment without corruption.  Life base is hunger condition it is natural or it is in many section , first is stomach hunger , second is vision hunger, third is physical hunger . this all types of  hunger conditions are  with life in our world .

When hunger condition get completeness by right food in right time  then life live cool and in positive energy , when this hunger condition is not get right food in right time  then negativity is getting start in life and then in environment ,. that critical condition is start to corruption by negative energy . it is a tens matter of today because positive energy is very limited and negative energy have got very big area in environment of our world . we are saying to that today corruption . ha

 In past human were  created positive environment by positive energy but today hunger condition of vision, stomach or body of human facing lots of hunger condition  it is negative  condition by that negative condition negative energy catching to peoples  vision so that’s converting in negative environment and they are going on track of negative work  we are defining to that by word corruption .
 It can stop and we can remove to corruption like  work of KING VIKRAMA DITYA  by his  positive Energy for positive environment .

So I said here about positive energy…

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA  

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