Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Art Vibration - 258


Friends last month  I were read a report about programming of alt+ ctrl+   was by mistaken of porgraming design . this news was shared sir  Bill gates  Director of  Microsoft  company . but by luck it is working very well  in web world and today it is a definition of  word  clear.

In 2003  I were started used  of this file  remover  command in computer  work. It is working  very well for remove or clear to drive by unwanted files or data. This command was helped me in my digital studio  work when I were editing photo on photoshop software . 2003 to till  2010 I were completely busy  in work of photo art by editing work. But after 2010 I were stopped  my photography editing work for market but I were not stop to  use of editing work on photoshop . after 2010 I am  doing editing  for  my own art work that is design , drawing image editing work or some other digital art creation  work for  world art communication .

Here I am saying this because  I were created a art work that was in form of poster. I were used in that poster , computer language or that’s command alt+ ctrl+ delete . it was year 2011  I were created a poster for Concerned communication Award 2011 . that was organized by Rajasthan Patrika News paper.

I were created a concept on terrorism for that design as a caption I were wrote “ time is come for alt+ctrl+delete  on terrorism .

In design of poster I were used image of computer language or that’s symbols  like image of folder , image of glob or image of Recycle been . in image of poster design  you will see that , what I were created by simple visuals for a big tens matter.  In that movement ,I were thought about  terrorism by way of computer language that was alt + ctrl + Delete .

I were posted  to that design cum concept with Rajasthan Patrika or that’s concerned communication team . After that submission I were shared  that poster image with my world art family by way of online communication or that’s network . by luck  that poster design was not selected by concerned communication but my design was communicated with world  family very well .it was great feeling for me because many people of our world were liked that concept design in form of poster.

I were noticed White House of America and that’s hon’ble president Sir Barack Obama was  also worked on this concept , he was taken some strong action on terrorism community and he was completely remove some big terrorists from our world by concept of alt+ ctrl+ delete . today all world know about that . he is giving this command  time to time on terrorism or that’s communities .  so by vision of myself I am with him always because he know the  meaning of Alt+ ctrl+ delete . so I am thankful for Hon’ble President of America Barack Obama .

Poster Image From Google Image 
In field of   Indian visual art  our  cine artist Dr. Kamal Hassan  India  also worked on command of alt+ ctrl+ delete  on terrorism by his own  art concept , he was created a film with title Vishwroopam . I have not visited that film  but that’s concept I have read by some interviews or Dr.  Kamal Hassan he was expressed the life of terrorist , he was expressed how to they are creating terror sound in kids for future terrorist . but overall  he have expressed the concept of Alt + ctrl+ delete on terrorist  by his critical art sense. His film poster I am sharing with  you for your visit , he was taken a look of terrorist in that poster image. Or in his film Vishwroopam .

Here I am observing  today our world and some peace creator countries  of our world are  in action of Alt+ ctrl+ delete  on terrorism . it is  not easy job like command of computer language .  In practical it is like cutting of iron by iron blade HINDI we are saying to it -  LOHE KO LOHE SE HI KATA JAATA HAI ..but that’s process is same for remove or delete .

 so I said atl+ctrl + delete ..

yogendra  kumar Purohit
master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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