Saturday, November 02, 2013

Art Vibration - 254

Creativity is opinion of Creator
Friends I am lucky , because today I have connected  to our world family or that’s good high thinker . I am learning to them and I can talk to them about vision of art and life journey . I am feeling I am lucky because in our world  family all seniors and juniors are observing my art view and they are noticing it time to time . At present I connect to thousands of creative peoples and by online art communication  I can share my view with them . there  I can see and read to creativity of them that is in form of literature , visuals art and good thoughts or some other art forms . so I am lucky today. Because this true art communication is giving me much more thinking way or view for my art journey because  it is must for a true art .

In our world family some seniors are talking to me and someone are sharing his or her thoughts that thoughts can spark to my vision and by that spark I got a spirit of dialogue  to  them. That dialogue is giving me more confidence and clear vision for future of world art.  

For your  example here I want to share  with  you a name of good thinker , writer or a philosopher of our world  family . I were connected  to him before two year on online communication network. His name is sir . Paulo Coelho . he is very senior writer of Switzerland . he is  very active and advance for contemporary time , I can compare to him to  Great Art master Pablo Piccaso , because Piccaso was very advance in  his  art journey time.

Sir  Paulo Coelho is know how to create interest in vision of people by help of art and thought for a better future of earth life. I like him because he is always talking for life and nature with that’s natural flow. He know the real aim of life or that’s right way for a real aim ,of  life . By his words and thoughts he is always trying to teach to our world family through  very advance tool of communication. He is using form of visuals art for  his pure thoughts so his thought is get some impression sound by visual art effect . but actually, effective is his true thoughts,  because that is working  on vision of people or that can work on life for better or natural life . visuals just helping verb for his true thoughts..

A thought of Sir Paulo Coelho 
Many time I were try to communicate with sir  Paulo  Coelho when he was putted his good view and thought for  my reading. Some time I were replied  to him  on his thought in form of question or thanks.. mostly I am sharing  my art view with him by this art vibration link and I am noticing he is visiting  my art posts after that’s updates  , it is a big blessing on me by a big thinker or our world family so thanks to sir Paulo Coelho .

Yesterday he was updated a thought about creativity , he was wrote “ creativity is an act of courage . Avoid opinions .” I were liked his true thought because it is true observation of him on creativity . in reply I were shared  my view  with him because I were noticed his last words Avoid opinions . so I were created  a caption on that thought in form of reply to Paulo Coelho .

I were wrote about  opinion “ creativity is opinion of creator ” because when a creator live busy  in work of creativity  in that case he/she give a self view to his /her creativity , actually that creation is a representation of  inner  opinion of a creator , because inner opinion is give order or a vision to creator by that self opinion creation .  A creator is create a creative form .  so in my view a creator  is give creativity to society.   that creativity is a real opinion from  that creator  to society  . for example painting Monalisa  that is a opinion of  painting aesthetic by Leonardo da vinci . Taj Mahal of INDIA is a opinion of that’s creator . sculpture liberty of America , cine art of Charlie Chaplin , space lab of NASA  and others all are true opinion of creator in my view so I were wrote  it in reply on update of Sir Paulo Coelho “ creativity is opinion of creator …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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