Monday, December 09, 2013

Art Vibration - 263

A to Z

Drawing of Myself

Friends I want to say sorry for a long gape  in my blog post writing or that’s update’s . but I am here for  you or for our world art family  with one more blog post of myself .

 Last month I were created some drawing with text of English that was on concept of A to Z . I were selected  text of  English for put to true contemporary sound of myself in my true drawing so I did used  to text of English  in drawing work.  I were composed to drawing space by text of English , in that compositions I were created visuals A to Z step by step .

In 26 days  I were created  26 drawing , and I were thought a critical talk about a complete work , here we are saying to  complete work in our words ( I have complete all work a to z  like this ..ha ha ) so this drawing ‘s  are  indication of that critical comment about a complete work .

In this drawing I were created some fantasy and some change but its naturally came in my drawing flow by time design of my art journey . you can say it was a small project of visual art with text of English or in form of drawing .English language is a way of  my international art communication  so it is a part of myself  life and that self sound was came in drawing by  sound of English text .

This drawing can give some education of English language to kids by way of drawing it was not my aim when I were created  but I got this kind of view from my world art family or that’s viewers so it is giving me some good feeling because I have done work as a master of art and as a master of English teacher,. Ha

Here for your visit I am sharing a group image of my A to Z drawing , I hope  you will like that new exercise of myself as a art viewer. And I will get some right feedback from  your right vision about  my art exercise of A to Z .

Actually I were felt some puzzle condition in my vision about myself drawing , in that critical condition I were thought how to I brake to that puzzle condition of vision. So I were caught a new sound of  my English language from this art vibration blog . or after that I were converted that in text of ENGLISH A to Z.

Step by step I were created drawing with same element of myself drawing because that is my own symbol of life concept . I know some drawing was composed very well on art space and someone not but that’s true sound is right for viewers so I were draw that continue without any critical thinking like a art critic. When I were creating drawing in that movement I were busy in brake to my puzzle condition of art vision so there artist work nature was very must  for me so I were putted that and I were got success in brake to puzzle condition of drawing vision. In that movement I were 100% art master  with me or with my drawing work. That’s result I were created 26 drawing in that puzzle condition of vision.

Artist always facing trouble in flow of art energy , time is braking his art mood by different conditions in this critical condition true art sound and patience of artist is giving some space to artist or his art work in  that critical time , so  you can say  my art work A to Z drawing of Myself  was came out by me in my very critical condition . I am thankful for my  time and art it was created patience in me for creation by different view , so I could done it and here  you can visit that in form of drawing form .  
So I said  to my critical art work  A to Z drawing of Myself …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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