Friday, December 20, 2013

Art Vibration - 265

 Critical Sculpture 

In last Month before our national election I were wrote a post for nation family  on this art vibration . this month my nation have completed election for new government of INDIA  . so nation system and people are busy in setup of new government of INDIA .

But here I am observing to  confusion of nation or that’s election. so condition is very critical for new design of a new government of INDIA. Here every day I am reading lots of news about new government concept all  Educated persons are busy for setup to government of INDIA .

It is must for nation but when I am taking news paper in my hand for reading I am feeling in myself like a ant of news . every day I am reading lots of news by news paper and math’s of different parties or that’s leaders . In this condition I am just a receiver of information of present time or that’s condition. In this feeling I feel a critical thing . I saw to myself like a Ant a ant of news paper because I am reading news paper every day after leave to my bed . So yesterday I were converted that critical condition of  my inner feeling  in for of a paper sculpture .

I were converted  my feeling presser in form of art  with a critical vision. I did joke on myself by art form and I know it is a reality of a common man when he or she wait for a right progressive way of life by a right Government of nation. 

I am student of  Visual Art so I can give a visual to invisible thing of real life. So its my duty I share with  you  my art visuals or that’s vision for  your visit or feeling .

You can say I were worked as a mirror of society or as a guide of society because it is a base of artist education . I am master in painting  but I were created a 3D sculpture by paper . it was a challenge for my art education or a live exercise for 3 D visual by easy medium ( paper , thread or gum ) .

 Friends I were created a 20 Inches ant by news paper , you can say to that ant of news paper  and  you can feel in yourself  a  live ant, when  you read to news paper as a right information collector of  your nation or our world .actually in my view we all are Ant of news or information .we live on news and on information in our complete life. Some time right news or some time bad news we collect to time and society on this earth . it is a real fact of our real life. We know news or information is a way of communication about right condition and we are live receiver of that so I think we all are ant of news  or information.

For paper sculpture I want to tell  you how to I created it , first I were collected some news paper prints from my home and then I were collected thread and some gum. By hand I were crush to paper in shape of paper boll and in shape of ant stomach or in shape of ant lags . by thread I were binding to all parts of  sculpture of ant body  and then I were pasted that by gum . I were not covered to ant Sculpture by any color because I want to show news paper or that’s printed news text  on ant body because I were created a ant of news paper by a live concept of  live news life.

I don’t know how many level I have completed about that concept by this critical paper sculpture but I have putted a art form with a critical concept in front side of  your for your visit or judgment . I hope  you will give  your view on this art work by  your comment because it is a critical sculpture ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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