Thursday, December 26, 2013

Art Vibration - 266


Photo by yogendra  kumar purohit
Friends last week I were joined a art and literature festival in my home town Bikaner. When I were went to join  to that festival  in mid way I saw a very critical condition on heritage of my city. I were felt pain when I saw that live critical condition with a historical architect structure . yes I am saying about a heritage building .

Actually in last year I were joined a discussion on heritage of Bikaner, that discussion was organized by world monuments funds or Lokayan Ngo Bikaner. That live discussion was at Ajit Foundation of Bikaner, there many seniors and educated persons of My city were taken a commitment about  care  to heritage look of Our City with sound of conservation of heritage look of Bikaner.

It was bad luck  because that  critical heritage building is very close to Ajit Foundation Hall or Office . it is too critical but its reality of today for heritage. It was tens matter for me when I were looking that live critical condition of that heritage building .i saw there only a big single wood door ( PROL )and that’s frame was there and other part of that heritage building was not there . I saw only big door on a land of that historical building , someone have created there a ground shape on that place of building.
At the movement I were shoot some pictures of that critical live condition as a observer. because I am working for heritage by heritage project . in visuals  you can see to that live critical condition of heritage .

When I were watching that critical condition of heritage in that movement I were saw some live question in front side of myself .  like  this .. why  we are talking for heritage care when we can’t stop to  damage of heritage structure of our heritage city? Why world Monuments founds society was remark to Bikaner or that’s historical place for re conservation ? why any Ngo is taking some commitment when they are not follow to self commitment for a right aim ? why People are not understand to heritage  importance or that’s definition ? why government of INDIA is not taking a right step  for care to heritage of our nation ? how to we can see to damage condition of heritage after know the value of heritage of our cultural life ? are we educate or not about our heritage ? this kind of question I am facing when I saw to that damaged historical building so that all question  I am putting here for your vision.  I hope  you will give me some right answer of this questions after visit to visuals of that critical building.

photo by yogendra  kumar purohhit
I know this post is  not a master key of heritage care but my inner pain is putting presser on me for share this with  you for your knowledge so I am sharing it with true condition of a heritage structure , that is damaged today .

There I saw many crafted red stone pieces were putted in street  of that heritage building,  I saw there a single door was fixed in a door frame . that was talking to me and asking to me why yogendra why  they damaged  to me  I am identity of  your city but  your city people is damaging to me . they are damaging a right image  of  your  historical city that’s name is Bikaner . I was there silent without answer of that building question. I said sorry to that single  heritage door. Because I were feeling handicapped there in front side of that historical structure door.

 So I said Single Door of a historical building …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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