Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Art Vibration - 267

1200 DRAWING IN 1460 DAY'S

Myself  Drawing No . 1 - year 2009
Friends I am completely busy in  my art work after 2003 . you know about  it so what I say to  you about  my art work. I am confuse how to I tell to  you about  my drawing  work . today is a last day of year 2013 , today I have completed  my 1200 drawing on paper by pen ink or pencil. I were started proper drawing work of Myself on myself concept in year 2009. That was march month of 2009 when I were decided for pure drawing work  on myself . I were leaved  to color and brush and canvas cloth . I were came on paper simple A4 paper and after that I were used some sketchbooks and post cards and some news paper  like a canvas of  my drawing. That was a free exercise of myself on my own concept of drawing . I were came in free space of art with full freedom .

I were tried every day a drawing by me for my art journey by luck time was gave me support  then I could created lots of drawing for visual art section. I were enjoyed it like a live journey of  my life. every day a free space of art paper was invited me for a new journey of three to four hours with  limited element of  my drawing concept . that was interesting for me because I were created visuals on a one concept on a limited art space with different types of  composition’s .

 Today I saw 1200 drawing has been completed by me in four years of past. In that movement I said thanks to  my GURU  GOD  TIME  or to my All world Art families . they all were promoting me time to time and I were creating art work day by day with more art energy . I were got lots of comments on  my art work by online networks , that was real achievement of  my art exercise or a real income of a true art work . so again thanks to all of  you  my world art families .

 In drawing I were not changed  any  basic element  like  elephant , hills , electric poll, flower , airplanes, fishes , a love millstone or a sheep. By this eight  elements I were started  my drawing journey and today I have created 1200 visuals on a limited space by self commitment , this self commitment was designed in me a strong confidence or a hard dedication for art work , this long art journey of four years was created a right patience  in me about  my art exercise or about this  true or dedicated art journey. Today it is continue by me  .

2009 to till 2013  myself drawing sound was done many journeys  in other countries of our world. Art Society or a art museum RAMO D ORO ITALY was exhibited  my drawing three time by art exhibitions in ITALY or ROMA , I were created many greetings of festival for celebrities of our world, I have posted that greeting to White House of America , President House of INDIA, Dr. Amitabh Bachchan , Queen of UK,  Guinness world record team , Academy of art America, and some more art society or museum of our world .

Myself  Drawing No . 1200 - year  2013 
 I were started art communication on online by drawing  and I were got many artistic comments  by world art critics or senior artists . someone were liked  my simple drawing someone were liked  my different  type of medium or exercise of drawing on that different type medium  like news paper, post card, card board, drawing sheet, or simple A4 paper of printing, in mid  of this drawing journey I were used  some color or  some collage style work for myself  exercise but that was very limited exercise actually  I were lived busy in complete drawing in this past years of my life that’s result I have completed 1200 drawing by me today .

So I said 1200 drawing in 1460 day’s 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master Of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA  

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