Thursday, May 15, 2014

Art Vibration - 307


Its Eyes of  portrait concept of myself, Hon'ble President of  INDIA  PRANAB MUKHARJEE
Concept it is a base of our universe  design. It was started in our universe before design of universe. Who was started to concept ? we don’t know , In Indian mythology Vedas are saying god was started to concept design  in our universe  this same thing is in other religions of our world . concept is a hidden matter but it have very strong sound and power for change or design to any condition  in our universe. It is live in nature, in wild life or in human life .  in universe  uncountable planets and stars are moving in space without any help there a hidden concept is working  that is magnetic power concept . where to it was came or how to it is work we can’t say but this is a very strong and major concept  for balance to our universe by itself .
On earth nature and life is also working for  this hidden concept of natural growth of nature and life by natural elements of this earth. 

In society of human life we can say many concepts  is register by historical records , in prehistorical time human was lived life with concept of food + safety . in religion time life was got busy in peace search, After that life were followed to social cultural concept for easy life in  under the  king system  .after that life were followed to education about self or freedom full  life. Or today life is fully free with lots of self concept .
By this talk I want to say concept always run with time  and it live always  to hidden condition but its working  on life very well . our today’s  development is a right example of journey of  hidden concept. We know concept live hidden because concept have no eyes . ( presentation  or virtual  condition ) 

Philosopher SIGMUND FREUD was told about nature of our concept , he was said concept is get  start in our unconsciousness . it is more powerful for a blast of action .but our sub- consciousness and super consciousness is giving a cool form to it for final action of our concept . we are saying to that presentation . ( concept eyes  & art Activity ) 

 In this definition of concept , I can say concept live like blind without  that presentation in unconsciousness of humans   and it is very must for any concept  if that come in front  side of us by a form of  presentation . it can anything and any business of our earth .  so I will not define to that what can presentation of concept. But I can say it , every concept is need a help of presentation because without help of presentation concept  live hidden and in blind condition . 

Every presentation of  concept is like a eyes of concept . we know concept is live hidden condition  or in dark side of our  vision because without eyes ( presentation )  concept can’t come in light . but after presentation of concept  that can give lots of light to people vision  it is fact .

For example  we can see  to concept of  Christ , to work of Art Master Leonardo de vinci ,  to research of scientist  Albert  Einstein, to freedom  concept of Freedom Fighter Mohan Das Karamchand Ghandhi ( father of nation of INDIA ) , to  myself live  art journey or this art vibration blog posts and today’s world progress condition . it all is eyes of concept .

 So I said here concept is blind , that’s presentation is eyes of concept.

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, IDNIA

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