Thursday, May 22, 2014

Art Vibration - 311

A Last Letter To
My First Art Promoter

Late Shri U. C. Kochar is giving his speech on heritage at  Heritage Hotel Basant Bihar  Bikaner,   world  Tourism day ,  photo by Yogendra Kumar Purohit

 Date :_-  20/ 22  -5-2014
Respectable Great Late Literature person of  my City Bikaner,  Sir U.C. Kochar ..

Today I were read about  you in news paper Rajasthan Patrika (  your true work documentation unite ) you are not more for our Bikaner or INDIAN Literature . I were not believed on that bad news so I were conformed from  my friends they were said same bad news to me about  you. I was in shocked .in that time I were felt I am again alone in time space without  you . I asked  to time where  you ,  where  you ? why  you are no more for me . why ?
I am weeping here again after lost to my Grandfather , in Bikaner   you were on same level of  my late Grandfather in  my life .  so I have  lost again  one more Grandfather of  my life….! 


 I am leaving  my bed every day at 9 am something but today I were leaved  my bed in very early morning .i were not in  my consciousness . because in my unconsciousness your soul was living to me and thats result  I were near your body at your home today after 9:15 am  . when I saw  your body was on tool of last journey of life I were not believing to that live visuals of time . I were remembering your love and blessing or  your natural smile that all were for me like a family member. 

 I saw your own family member were gave  you last cultural step ( DAAGH SANSKAR ) I were silent and watching to  your  burning body  by fire at MUKTI DHAM . Gogagate Bikaner. 
There I were remembering our true relation of heart and soul . I did  remembered to our past talk and meetings and communication by letters post.

In year  1999, I were met to  you very first time in Bikaner. You were asked  to me about  my art education and then invited  to me at  your office . I were came at  your office on holy day . you were shared  your full time  with me and  after know about  my art aim and condition  you said  to me I want to  you a art exhibition for Bikaner in a group show . you will select to artist but it is very must  you select two girl in that art exhibition. For this art exhibition I will give  you 1000 /- Rupees .in that movement  I were  in mood of art energy with  my fresh art thought and  you were observed  to my true art energy or that’s right way  about visual art of Bikaner or INDIA . 
By support of  yours and time I were completed  that art exhibition with two girls artists or three boys artists in only 800 /- rupees and I were gave back  to  you in  your hand  200 /- of  yours . you were noticed  my saving nature and said good work  yogendra my dear sir i can’t forget that first live art promotion of  yours for me .  I can’t forget to that live movement of  my life. I did got a right art promoter of visual art in this desert side of  Bikaner. 
After that you were met to me many time  and I were invited  to  you many time in   my solo art exhibitions  of Bikaner at Sudarshana Kala Dirgha . many time  you have shared  your time in my art discussions or in street art exhibition visits.
You know I have a collection of  your posted letters . your first letter was came in  my hand by post  in year 1999 .or in 1999 to till 2013 , you have posted many letters or greetings about  my art journey . they all letter is showing to me  your blessing and our inner attachment . I sure no one can touch to that attachment of our soul to soul . ( here that’s selective letters copy images for  you in digital format about  your remembrance  and kind  your information on online I have posted  to  you 90  E mail after 2010 when  you came on  your online communication with E mail id ) 

I Know  you were   always needed  to yogendra near  you but time and condition was creating distance between us and we were  accepting to that . but many time I were came near  you without  your invitation or call . there I were following to my soul order for meet to  you or in that case no one can stop to me for our meeting . its example is our last meeting at  your meeting hall ( I am saying to that Kochar Gufa ( cave) . you were liked  to this funny title of  your meeting hall in literature sound. When I were met to you there, then   you said I have not posted any invitation to  you so how to  you come here yogendra ? I said to you  I were received a invitation from  your helper Mr. Qasim Bikaneri then I am here for meet to  you ,but sir for  your art and literature activity   I am not  need any invitation or call ,and no one can stop to me and you also ..after listen my confident answer  you were gave me lovely smile and said to me ok I am going for  my work because I am feeling ok from  you yogendra …

But that day I were not knew if time will not create any chance for me about our live talk in future .
I know today our Bikaner have lost to a loving soul ,A senior family member of Bikaner , A true  art promoter ,A great thinker of Historical element or monument . A super writer ,A  active social worker , A great father or Grandfather , A  great life partner or a very bold friend of friends   , A Guide of  system of  Rajasthan Tourism GOVT. of  Rajasthan. In one word I can say to  you , sir  you were a KOHINOOR  DIAMOND of our Bikaner.and INDIA . 

After today  you are not with me I know it , and I will not see to you again in future life I also know it in my consciousness . but you will live always in my unconsciousness with  your true love feelings or kind words of art promotion . Because you have touched to my soul from  your true soul in relation of our  soul to soul  I am write  this letter to  you and I know it is  my last letter  to  you because after this letter writing  I will live  to  you in  my soul and there soul is not need any tool of communication like letter or ETC. 

 In prayer I hope god will give  complete peace to  your soul..

 So here I said about  you A  last letter to My art promoter …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Yogendra art and Designing Studio.
Kamala Sadan Bangla Nagar ,
Pugal Road , Bikaner ( Raj.)
Pin – 334004
Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


ओम पुरोहित'कागद' said...

Wah purohit ji-wah !
Badi hifazat se sahez rakha hai khaton ko--Dekh kar achha laga !
ye khat aapk liye Dharohar hain .
jab vakt mile , inhe padhte rahiye-badi prerna evam sakoon milega !

anamika said...

शानदार उपस्तिथि आप के लिए कोचर जी की और कोचर जी को श्रद्धांजलि

सुनील गज्जाणी said...

ek amnulay nidhi hai bhai ye sab ab , yaadgaar daastaa .