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Art Vibration - 305

Observation on
Climate Condition
Some time , time is giving some more views and visuals to us for our observation  in this universe . we have eyes and thinking system in our mind . so some time, time create a different thinking way in our vision  for nature or that’s live condition . it is not new time design for life on this earth  , it is very old format for thinker of our world .  In INDIAN  Mythology Vedas and after Vedas ,  RAMAYAN,  MAHABHART & GEETA  literature is a very strong example of this thinking Concept .

We are part of this universe and this universe is part of our life, we both are for each other in time space . In Geeta God Krishana was gave a statement for it . he said whole universe to me and myself to whole universe .
You are thinking why I am saying to it , it is not  my subject may be I am going to out to my subject . but it is not wrong ,   I am in subject of myself . that is life and life is connected  to this philosophy of our universe or that’s design. 

Our Farm Land  Condition  of  2012 After first rain of summer .
Actually today I have saw a update on facebook  with a critical image . that was updated  from Hon’ble President of America Barack Obama . in that update post he was invited story on climate  change .here you  notice it , a politician or a high post of political stage . there a man is thinking  for climate or that’s live condition , he  is collecting right information about climate change from all over the world by invitation of story ( writing ) . he is thinking like a big thinker of our world and he is knowing his own responsibility about our climate , he is Hon’ble President of America, the teacher of today’s world,   in my view.  

When I saw his update on facebook with a critical picture in that movement I were went in  my past . year 2012 , I were started farming on our farm . our farm is in dry land site( desert )  . there farming is depend  on rain and rain is not coming very well because here climate is getting change day by day . so farming is in full risk . when I were went in my farm after first rain of year 2012  .there I saw clay was dray and  farm land was looking like cracks . I were shoot that live farm land condition . that was creation of hot environment . I were observed to it from that  dry land site or that’s condition . first I were observed it , we are living in desert site of our nation its name Rajasthan and Bikaner land is completely desert site . here no river and natural water sores . someone have well but that’s water is so deep  and that is not useful for good farming. So condition is very critical for farming land. In environment climate is getting change day by day so our desert site is getting more hot . here 30 degree temperature is normal in summer time and in mid of summer  time it is get near 42 to 48 degree C. in this hot environment farming is not get proper growth , that is burn in mid by hot temperature . so farming is in full risk it is pain full for farmer . because farmer live depend on rain water and rain is not coming properly because climate is getting change day by day . in this danger  condition some farmer have converted  his farm land  in  INT BHATA ( cake of clay for construction ) .because life need energy and energy is coming in our body  by food and food need right climate condition for right growth on this earth . they all farmer are feeling like handicapped  in front side of climate condition . finally  they were change to life system by against nature rule . they were started sale to clay of farm in form of cake of clay . it is more danger for farming lade but it was started there , I observed it when I were put my first lag on  our farm land at Sankhala fanta , near Shri Kolaayat ,Bikaner. Rajasthan INDIA, In year 2012 . 

Our Farm Land  Condition  of  2012 After first rain of summer

By luck that year rain was came normally so I were live in condition of no loss no profit .it was .too much critical .ha ha because climate is getting change on our earth. 

Our Farm Land  Condition  of  2012 After first rain of summer
Today that  critical climate change condition I were shared  with Hon’ble President of America Barack Obama  On his facebook  page link . there I were shared a very short story with one visual that was in same condition of update image of Hon’ble president of America Barack Obama . so his update was recalled to  my farming job and about that’s  critical climate condition so here  I am sharing  that live movement with  you because I know  you all are nice thinker of our world and it is must  you know about this climate change condition  with short observation of myself ..

So here I said observation on climate condition. 

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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