Monday, May 19, 2014

Art Vibration - 310

Art Can Eyes for Blind

" I’m a very visual person, I just can’t see." - Pete Eckert  ... A photography workshop with five blind students at Seoraphuly, West Bengal. Tinku, Milan, Phani, Anjan and Dulaal clicking pictures with their 'mind's eye' during the workshop.  In white Shirt Artist Chandan Shingh Rathod ..

Yes it is a magic of art . it is not coming in trust but it is fact of art .art can eyes of blind . last year  my junior Artist Chandan Shingh Rathod ( Painter  Cum Photographer ) . he was shared with me a very different type concept about photography work or that’s workshop . he said I want to work of art by photography with blind kids . I were said  to him , it is a very new concept  , art critic and people will laugh on  you when  you will do this art exercise with blind kids  and how many blind kids will take interest in  your art workshop ? it is a big question . actually  you are going for  brake to definition of contemporary  photography . keep it up . 

Artist Chahdan Shingh Rathod is very committed artist for his art and art concept . I can’t forget his commitment sound . one time he was tried  for admission in Baroda M.S. University about master of art  . in interview they were rejected  to him . but Chandan was tried again for admission in next year but time was not support to him . here rejection is not a matter , the matter is . his art commitment.  He did  went again for interview with more art practice in same university of Baroda  . sometime time is not support to creator, but not all time,  this condition  live with creator. 

Artist Chandan Shingh was told me I will work with blind  kids  for photography and I will go to west Bengal for  my art workshop . after a one year last month he was called to me from Kolkata .he was busy with blind kids  in village of west Bengal . he said here I am living with five blind kids in school  hostel of them. He said at present I am only on phone communication because here internet is not available and phone network is not in good condition . in that short talk he was informed  to me in  motion of happy feeling .because he was converted his art concept of photography work  with blind kids in a one year . he is very close to me on matter of true art  so he was shared his first happiness feeling with me like a younger brother . I were gave a Army Salute  to him for his art commitment or art dedication. 

In limited call  time he was wanted to share his all work movement of that live photography workshop of  blind kids . he said when I will go in city then I will send  to  you some pictures of that art photography workshop . I asked how to blind kids were shoot photographs ? then he said they all are working very well with camera .they are using sound and smell indication for photography and their result is coming very well . blind kids are shooting very fine photographs in frames so. I am very happy and here I am  sharing with  you this live movement of  my art  journey . I were also felt happy because  my junior artist was proved his true art concept for blind  kids. 

 We know photography need  perfect eyes of photographer .A camera have view finder for selection of a good frame or click about a perfect visual. There no way for use of photography camera about  blind person . but Artist Chandan Shingh Rathod  have changed to concept of photography by his hard work or exercise .his confidence is give a good result to art field and he was also gave a new feeling and sense of photography art in blind kids . so it is a live magic of art and artist Chandan Shingh  Rathod . 

Yesterday on facebook he was shared some visuals of that live and artistic art workshop of photography with blind kids . his visuals were inspired to me for write this post about promotion of true art work of my junior artist Chandan Shingh Rathod or about new concept of Photography by blind kids . 

So here I said  art can eyes of  blind
Yogendra  kumnar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


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