Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Art Vibration - 306

   A big Thanks To  

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg  is a name of facebook or facebook is a name of  Mark zuckerberg . it is same for a one identity , idea  or  communication concept design . A  youth of our contemporary time was thought about world communication from his room and in 2004 he was gave a very strong communication tool to our world as a surprising gift for fast communication in our world  . he was created a network facebook . it is a malty task network for all type of people of our world . 

Facebook is  saving  time and energy of our world by this fast communication system. People are  connecting to others very easily . I can say facebook was jointed  to our world like a joint family or its credit goes to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg .  A  young boy was jointed  to world by his knowledge and today all world celebrities and all type of businesses  are on facebook for growth of our world . 

 I am saying it because I was  also connected  to this online communication network  facebook , in year 2008 . after 2008 to till today I am sharing  my art time and art energy with my art sound by art visuals on this online network facebook  .

As a user of facebook I have saw many changes and development on this network  time to   time and some right art action of facebook I have shared with you on this art vibration blog  in past posts  for  you.  You know I am master of Fine Art  so I were used  to facebook as a art master  for  my art presentation or a right art communication by visual art . on facebook  Mark Zuckerberg  is giving space  to users for upload his/her photographs , visuals, and text matter with unlimited limit . So facebook is a one web site of our world, here all kind of data we can  see and we can collect or we can contact to each other after follow to  short rule of online communication or rule of facebook communication network . 

2008 to till today  I have shared thousands of art visuals and text matters on this facebook and that all shared visuals and text data is save on facebook pages . I can say I have wrote 10 to 15 th  books  in this seven years and that all books are save on facebook like a  online E book. Or  Up to one thousand art work images  are save in a album format on facebook that is a online album of  my art work and that  albums  link I can share with any one on other network or mail format  so any art visitor and art lover can see  my one thousand art visuals  by a one link or that’s design is from  facebook .
In Indian Mythology we are saying   in Hindi (  * WASUDEV KUTUMBHKAM * ) our all world is our  one family . this same thought ,  I am looking  in concept of Mark Zuckerberg or on his facebook network.
Because today all world countries are connected to this network , all presidents of world countries are connected  to this network. So in this thing  I am looking to concept of wasudev kutumbhkam . young network designer Mark Zuckerberg is not knowing to any one in our world but he is giving easy way for easy life about live to life for love and peace by facebook network  .About visual artists, Mark Zuckerberg is creating desk for art discussion about contemporary art with presentation of artist work by album or video links . I am saying it because I am doing discussion on art  by facebook to other countries artists and they are talking to me on contemporary world  art  time to time . for example I have a very long list of artists names , art societies , art magazines or online art galleries cum museums . so here  my facebook profile page link for  your visit it will prove to my true words for  you.
Facebook was came in my art journey , when I were in full struggle  time of  my art journey . I were leaved  my work place Jaipur after my master education and  I were came my home town Bikaner. Here art environment is not in right condition . so I were felt very upset  in that case I did joined  to online communication for restart to  my art journey by a new communication tool . in same time  I were got a link of facebook and then I were joined  to it and it is with me today like a my best friend, my best promoter of art and  my best art critic because it is not  only facebook , it is  also Mark Zuckerberg .ha 

So I said here  A big thanks to Mark Zuckerberg .

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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