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Art Vibration - 304

Importance Of 
 Art Medium

Art Medium of Myself  Drawing  - 150 refills of  Reynold's and 25 penicls ..2009 to till 2014 and its continue ...

Friends we know art is a flow  of our inner sound . it is get start from our  Unconscious  part of heart and it is come out in form of art through our consciousness by art medium. So I think medium have a very important role in art . because without  medium art live silent  in our unconsciousness.  

Art have a hidden condition without medium . so medium is must for any kind of art , it can , music, writing, painting, sculpture ,  dancing , acting, poetry , singing and other art form. Here I want to share  some with  you about art medium or that’s important  role in art by painting  format. Because I have lived it and I am living it  as a master of Painting . I think I can share very well this importance of art medium,  easily  by examples  of painting and drawing. 

In Art,  medium is a helping verb it is giving complete sound to our inner sound by a visual or a form of art , it can in virtual ( In sound ) and in visual .so it is fact for art  without art medium art and that’s presentation is not possible .so art medium have a important role  in art.

A sculptor had selected  very easy medium for sculpture art , in very first  that was clay , wood and stone . painter was selected  caves walls , buildings walls , cloth and paper for painting  ( Visual Art ) . A Singer was selected his own voice for song and  musician was selected  some natural element for music  sound.  he was selected , skin of animals, bamboo sticks , and some metal objects for music creation  ( virtual art ) .

In selection of art matter , it does  not matter how  much costly art medium is in use of art work from artist . there matter is it , how to artist have express  his /her  inner sound by easy way or medium for self satisfaction or refreshment of viewers &  listeners . 

In modern history of art  we can see lots of example of it with lots of artist names , there artist was selected medium for his easiness , it was started  great art master Leonardo Da Vinci ,Michael Angelo , Sezaan , Vincent Van Gough , Pablo Picasso, Mondrian , In Indian modern history  of art  Sir Ravindra Nath Thakur ( Tegor) , Jamini Roy , Devi Prasad Roy Choudhary,  F.N. Suzaa and some more artists . They all artists were worked for art and in art work they were used very easy medium for self expressions . that’s result is they  have gave to lots of way for easy art by easy art medium selection about art.

As a  Art student I were observed this format of art medium selection about hundred present express to inner sound in art . when  I were in learning process of art  in that time I were using all kind of traditional  art medium for painting . but that was not much more easy for me , I were lived uncomfortable  with that traditional medium  of art . but I were in under learning process of art so I were followed to that as a academic art student . in that time I were created lots of  oil paintings on canvas ( thin cloth of cotton ) but today I know canvas is a free space of artists thinking . that is in his mind and in nature all universe is a live canvas . ha ha 

When I were came in master education I were started thinking for easy way of myself art creation . because I am thinking very fast and I need a fast result for  my inner sound because that is in presser full flow from my  unconsciousness and it is continue in my unconsciousness . so it was must for me I search a easy way for  myself expressions . 

In master of art education I were selected some easy art medium for  my art work  in that selection I were used paper ,walls, water color , poster color and pastel color . after master of Fine art Education I were went in more deep thinking about self expression about  art. That was year 2007 , I were used limited color and limited art space , there  I were started to express to myself with own research of art medium  . I said  to that art work   of MYSELF . in starting time of myself art work I were used blue , white and black color and paper for painting and after 2009  I were came in more easy expressions of myself by easy art medium , I were leaved  to decoration or fantasy in art creation . after 2009 I were used in drawing only ink pen and pencil on paper. 2009 to till 2014  I have created 1300 something visuals of  my inner sound by easy art medium. In last post of this blog  I have shared about that 1300 drawings  work and that’s story . 

Kind  your information  I want to inform to  you about drawing medium of myself . by 150 black refills of Reynolds and 25 pencils were  art medium in this six years of  my art journey . I have created  1300 drawings by this art medium so I am feeling it , it is a easy way for  my inner sound express   in art field by drawing and painting  format. 

Because I did  knew  importance of art medium in art  for fast result by self experience or exercise  .

 So here I said importance of art medium …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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