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Art Vibration - 423


i shoot this critical photo and updated on online date  2 may 2016

Last month I was joined to a campaign for project  water saved , we did created a big spot for save to rain water about use of wildlife . it was in desert site of Bikaner, I have shared about that  in last post  of this blog . I share again it because the story was started to there for us. Before that campaign I were lived busy in work of care to nature by  myself  activity or in small format . but when I were connected to some more sensitive person of  my city then I were knew they are also sensitive for care to nature  in any condition of time or environment on large canvas of nature . 

Tree Hugger Action application  copy from whatsaap group
In desert site we were created a big pool and in Mid of that pool we leaved many small tree ( the baby of three) . when rain will come then water will store  in that pool for wild life or for that small trees . in a one project we did care to tree, animal , natural environment and we planed for safe life of wild life in Desert site of Bikaner City. We know that site is totally dray or we saw there only dust  but our hard work and hope had created a big pool for save to rain water . it was our interest for care to wild life and nature. So I did observing the sensitivity in  my city people . they Are committed for care to nature and wildlife too. 

So there to a new story was started by sensitivity of us. Last week I were went to our farm land for a visit before rain or farming work . Our farm is depend on rain water so I can say we are doing natural farming in our farm . we are care to farming clay at this time because we are farming  by rain water we are not put any chemical for farming growth . But our farm  neighbor is farming by well water . he is putting some   chemical (  poison ) for safe to his farming but in that case he is killing to farm clay and in air oxygen too . he is killing to him self but he don’t know it in his greedy nature. 

Last week he was updating his farm I saw him . A  JCB machine was working in his farm and he was guiding to operator of that JCB machine  for clean  to his farm . in that case he was started to cut to green tree of his farm. I said to him  you are not doing right job about this green tree , so please don’t cut it . but he was not listen to  my sensitivity about  my nature . that tree was in his farm so by rule or law I could not taken  any action for save to that green tree . I saw a criminal in  him because he was killing to a live tree . that was a very important tree of desert .the KHEJADI , in history a community of Bishnoi  cast was lost 363 people in fight for care to The Tree  KHEJADI  . our Government of Indian have passed a bill for tree KHEJADI . No one can’t cut to KHEJADI  in any condition  . we did cared and gave full respect to this law when we were created a big pool for save to rain water in desert . there we leaved many small Khajadi tree .  But our neighbor a senior villager cum farmer was not gave respect to law of Govt. of INDIA and he was not gave respect to that 363 Dead Persons of Bishnoi cast community . 

Tree hugger Action report copy from whatsaap group .
But god is live in nature . god know how to care to nature . god give indication to wrong person’s  but they  nonsense person can’t understand to indication of god so god is teach to them itself by some  sensitive social persons or by nature care person . 

There I was first person for teach to him , I did stop to him but he was  not stop and he did cut tree of KHEJADI . when he was cutting the tree that time god is pulling to him out side of  criminal zone by my stopping action but he was not understood to indication of god . 

That time I were remembering the last word of ** Christ Jesus ** he said it , they don’t know what they are doing ,  for his against person’s . I felt that same word for  that  nonsense senior farmer /our farm neighbor .
 There in that critical  movement my Mobile network was not supported  to me so I could not called for any kind of help . but my mobile camera was working so I were shoot a live picture  of his criminal activity , he was pulling to tree by JCB machine after cut to tree  in his farm . 

When I came at home then  I were felt lots of presser on  my heart and mind , because I were felt handicapped when I need help of some sensitive persons . but  on online  I were updated  a note in Hindi  with a picture of that tree cuter and I were shared that very first with Our Hon’ble President of INDIA or Hon’ble Prime Minister of INDIA .( here that’s link for your visit  -  

 मित्रों कल जो देखा उससे मन बहुत दुखी हुआ ! खेत के पडोसी ने अपने खेत से खेजड़ी के दो पेड़ को उखाड़ दिया मैंने उन्हें ऐसा न करने का कहा पर मालिकाना अंदाज में दो खेजड़ी का वध करदिया उन बुजरुग प्रकृति विरोधी किसान ने ( किसान के रूप में प्रकृति का विनाशक ) ! मरे पेड़ की अर्थी का एक अंतिम दृश्य मैंने अपने कमरे में कैद किया है जिसमे वे बुजुर्ग प्रकृति विनाशक भी साथ में है लाल पगड़ी में , जो आपके लिए यहाँ प्रेषित है ! )  

Tree Hugger  was shoot this picture in Night at farm of tree  killer .
 then I were came out to  my mind / heart presser . on online many educative persons  , media persons, nature care persons were noticed  to  my post and they were gave me comments With full sensitivity, because they all are very carry persons. Its  my good luck they all are connected  to me as a friends . so I want to say thanks to them from My heart. 

By online tree hugger society ( Tree care taker ). A committed Ngo was noticed  to  my post and they were started a right action against that tree cutter . by news paper I knew  how to they were taken a action of law against that tree cutter . I know tree hugger unit is not anti of any farmer or human being but they are teaching to everyone . it is very must  we live  as a human being , we care to nature , we care to tree , water, farming land , wild life because without  safe environment we human will not live safe life on this earth. They are stopping to cutting of green tree   / live tree of our earth . they know tree is giving to us oxygen , shadow , help in rain and food plus fruits too.  

News About Tree killer ..

I am connected to Whatsaap group Sahre Nathaniya Gouchar Bhumi Bikaner .   in that group I saw some images and text mater about action against tree Cutter .the member of tree hugger was shared  some photo and action report . I can say that was live document of  live action on tree cutter . the team of tree hugger was showed they are fully committed and active for care to Tree or in tree mostly the tree of  Khejadi . on date 2 may 2016  I were updated a critical note on online and on date 3 may 2016 tree hugger was taken action in written . date 4 may 2016 the news paper was published that critical news  with my online updated visual . I noticed they are very open , their concept is very clear , they know what is their right aim about nature care commitment . so I salute to all team members  of tree hugger , really they are real hero  of  my nation , they are identify how to care nature of our world , they are giving a guide line to our world for care to nature . their action educating to villagers or they are rightly teaching about care to nature  to  nature killer . 
Logo of Tree Hugger  Society .
At present it is very must because environment is in critical condition and our tree and rain water can save to our life  on this earth . without water and tree life is impossible on our earth Or here some foolish nature killer  are cutting to tree , live tree in summer time so it is very bad and  shameful . I sure GOVT. of INDIA will take a right action then the tree will safe and tree killer will bound by law . 

But I am feeling proud when I see to unit of like tree hugger they are ready for any time in any condition  about care to tree /KHEJADI . they are creating respect in vision of villagers or city people about KHEJADI . they are creating fear in vision of  tree cutter by hard action against him/her. they have done it because they are sensitive for nature just like me . 

I want to give salute to team member of Tree Hugger Mr. Gokulram Bishnoi  and Mr. Dinesh Jakhad they both were noticed  to  my heart and mind presser , it was came by a tree killer of our farm neighbor . I want to give salute to their sensitivity. they both are very active and committed for care to tree /KHEJADI . I sure they will change the thought of tree killer by their nature care action. 

 So here I said  we are sensitive for our nature .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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