Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Art Vibration - 424

Enzo Marino And Me Are Thinking On A Same Plot And  You ?

Artist Enzo Marino Italy  ( young age Photo )
Enzo Marino it’s a name of a fame artist of Italy . I am connected to him when he was came first time In India or in India he came  in Bikaner city for his art exhibition . by bad luck I were not met to him live in his first visit of Bikaner . but that time I got him on facebook network and he was accepted  my friend request . he is very senior artist of Historical art  country  The  Italy . so his art vision and art practice is very rich and different to others . he is very energetic and active artist of our contemporary world art . 

 You know god create way for true people about their meets. By good  luck  I were got a chance to live meet with Artist Enzo Marino , he was came second time  Bikaner for his art demo or art exhibition. So  I were joined to his live art demo at desert  site of Bikaner . On this art vibration blog I have shared  his art work story in past post  when he was in Bikaner. 

I saw a very live life senior artist of our world  . he was not in his country but in desert of Bikaner he was not feeling it , if  he is in another country .  he was  met to me first time after our online communication  but in first meeting he had  understood to  my nature and  art sound . he said to me in this art workshop  you are  my assisto (  assistant ) I were smiling when he was facing trouble  in  sun hit , so I had pick a umbrella in  my hand for shadow on Artist Enzo Marino . But friend are friend . so he was  moving here and there and calling to me hey my assisto ( assistant ) come here and do shadow  on me  not only on  you..ha ha ha ..i liked his live life action , motion , relation and love for me . I did cared to him to sun light in that desert . 

Artist Enzo Marino  creating art interests in kids ..

Because I were also committed for him as a friend . He was noticed it and felt it because I was still  there  in desert  with him till his last stroke on canvas . There I were gifted to  him  my small painting as a memory of artist friend of yogendra .

Artist Enzo Marino  creating art interests in kids ..

 After that  live meet I am continue connected to him and he is communicating  with me mostly every day about talk of art and art visuals through facebook online network . in his old age he is live very active and alert . there in Italy he is continue busy in art activity or art exhibitions. his online art updates are saying to me about  his daily art journey . he is not only exposing his art ,actually  he is noticing to  my everyday  art activity by my online updates. He is observing to  my art journey as a true artist friend or as a senior artist too .
painting of Artist Enzo Marino Italy
 This art vibration blog post is live example , you all can see his live comment’s  on  this art vibration blog posts . he is reading  my every art post by this blog and then he reply to me in comment format . Actually he is touching to me promoting to me as a true art friend .  But I am saying to him or to all artists of my world, they all are my family , in this family not only painter I think all creative person’s are my world art family .  this same thinking is in vision of Artist Enzo Marino Italy . he is not think to me in different family . he is  taking to me as a family member of His art family . 

Always young Artist Enzo Marino Italy ...2016 ....or  Forever .....
 Its live example is  his  chat  words he send me yesterday after read to my blog post (http://yogendra-art.blogspot.in/2016/05/art-vibration-422.html  )  of this art vibration , he wrote it  to me ..**Thank you six very kind. the art not has borders, not has barriers, the art is universal. the artists are artists in any part of the world. i are artist of the world. the world is the my country. the India is the my country….**

So what you say about his art vision ? he is thinking like me and we both are thinking in art ,our thinking plot is same .  it is very must today all artists of our world  are think like Enzo Marino or me then we can create/design/provide real love and peace to  our world family . it is very must today  so notice it and apply it in your art life …thanks 

So here I said Enzo Marino and me are thinking on same plot and  you ?

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Enzo Marino said...

Hello, Yogendra brother Art,
You must excuse me if I have not commented once that your article on my person. but I was away from my computer, because I was busy making a "murals" and other works in Sicily (Italy).
You've got me surprised and excited! I did not think you would have written on my art while I was making. I did not think you thought of me that are geographically far away. Your words have struck me, they made me feel the warmth of a friend, they have projected in India yet. You've reported to me
how artists of 1800/1900 in Europe. Open, sincere, with a big heart. The Desert Sun knows us well! I respect you and I love you. You are a worthy representative of the family of world art. Thank you dear Yogendra.
Enzo Marino Casoria/Naples Italy