Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Art Vibration - 422

They Are With Me

In year 2015, I were connected  to a art  foundation  unit that’s name is Prafulla Dahanukar art Foundation , Mumbai . first I were connected to PDAF by online communication networks and after that they were connected  to me as a art promoter . 

The PDAF was added me in a art event that’s name is Kalanand Award 2016, they were registered to myself  by online communication after that registration I were got a membership card from PDAF Mumbai. I did shared a good post about that true art story on  this art vibration  in past post . 

Last week I were received  a envelope from my neighbor hand , actually the postman of our Colony was posted that envelope at home address of our Neighbor  , that was a big mistake of Postman . but  my neighbor Mr. OM Purohit did  not done any mistake , he was submitted that envelope at  my home in right time. 

 My family member was received that envelope from our Neighbor and they did opened that and then surprising ,because they were visited a certificate of award for me . when I came at home  my Mother was said to me congratulation  you won a art award for  your city Bikaner . I were asked to  my Mother how to who are giving this award ? then  my mother was handover to me the envelope of Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation . 

 I saw a big fine printed catalog plus two certificate’s  and one letter with a cheque of award money .  The Bajaj Electricals unit was gave the  award Money to  my art work - Myself No 1800. That is a collage painting by color paper pasting work . 

It was a selection for  city artist of INDIA by team of Prafulla Dahanukar  Art Foundation . they are noticing to artist of Indian cities and their art work  by way of online or their observation format . it is a good thing for real struggling artist because someone are noticing and observing to their art activity or art life too.

Here in visuals  you will see how to they are work for dedicated or committed artist of India . and how to they are  promoting  and pulling up to them by true art action for right art promotion . 

On this art vibration blog  I have updated the logo of  Prafulla Dahanukar art foundation  because I am with  team PDAF  from  my soul  and they are connecting to  my soul by art activity or by art invitation’s  . they are with  me now , this  point , they have prove  it  by this city artist award . 

Bikaner print media have published this art news
Bikaner print media have published this art news

In respect of this art promotion I were accepted that award but in real I have leaved to art competition after 2005 . I have not participated or I am not participating in any art competition because I know art is for refreshment of puzzle mind /  art is a energy sores for a creative mind . Art is a self study way for me or a language of myself . I can express to myself by art language it is easy medium for me . so today  I am master in visual art not in science , math’s  or ETC. ha ha

So the Prafulla Dahanukar art foundation was found to me in Bikaner by way of online and they have started to promotion to  my art language by their art format . I respect to their art promotional way  and I am feeling they are with me this thinking is giving me more confidence and will power for  my art journey . 

So here I said about prafulla dahanukar art foundation  .. they are with me...

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


Enzo Marino said...

Dear Yogendra Kumar Purohit, Bravo! I congratulate you for your tenacity, to your person so strong, for your art so true. I agree with what you said, I admire you for how commitments your life, how you give yourself to art, without seeking adventures, without deceiving yourself and others, but looking for the real art. Money is just paper in front of the greatness of soul. I'm proud of you, my friend, my artistic disciple and intellerruale. Art alive! Always. Enzo Marino. 11.05.2016 Naples - Italy

Whitney Eskew said...

So wonderful that you received recognition for you work as an artist. Congratulations Yogendra. The cream always rises to the top.