Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Art Vibration - 421


Photo From Facebook wall of Rakesh Gandhi ( Rajasthan Patrika )

Friend in last post  of this  art vibration blog ,  I have shared a complete story about wild life care . I can share that because I were committed for that wild life care campaign . Because  I did  shared  my time and art energy for care to wild life  by visual art sense . I said about it in last post. When I were joined to that Amrtam Jalam Campaign of  Rajasthan Patrika  Newspaper of Bikaner . In that time they were started observation on  my visual art sense or that’s live presentation by me in form of different  kind of visual of art  . Actually Rajasthan Patrika news paper is know the value of  visual art and they know how to visual can impress to society . its live example I can share with  you for a example . I was in school  in that time Rajasthan Patrka was started publication  in Bikaner . In Rajasthan Patrika   news paper , I saw sketches or incomplete  sketches were  published Rajasthan Patrika for creative kids  that’s title was ADHURA CHITRA PURA KARO . Artist Tribhuwan was illustrator of  Rajasthan Patrika . Many time I were completed  that sketches  and I got some award or name in painting on sketch of Artist Trubhuwan . I sure many artist of  my age group were  learned  how to draw sketch by Publication of sketch Artist Trubhuwan  Through  Rajasthan patrika in their childhood age .  

When I were in collage Rajasthan School of Art  Jaipur  in that time I were lived busy every day three to four hours continue in sketching  and one day by luck I were met to Artist Tribhuwan at a art medium Store , there Artist Tribhuwan said  very nice lines of  yours after visit   my sketch book . in that movement  the shopkeeper called the name of Sir Tribhuwan then I knew he is the Artist Tribhuwan.  he was blessed to me in that art medium shop . Actually he was gave me  that day a right reward about   my illustration work . I said  this short story because it is connected  to  Amrtam jalam campaign or to me too.  

On first day of Meeting of Amrtam Jalam Campaign  I said I am artist so I will impress to people and I will pull to vision of people on this campaign by visual art .  so for that campaign I were created a illustration  you can say that is a painting by imagination about location of desert aria or that’s work condition. After that I were created small sign board and paper caps with some educative captions. I were gave  my presence 100% to campaign amrtam Jalam . its start to  till final work . because I were dedicated or committed so it was natural for me. because it is in  my art nature..

There  one side  I am giving  my 100% to Campaign Amrtam Jalam or second side the official team of That Campaign was observing to  my work and presence . they are noticing  my every step in that campaign step by step or day by day. 

 On date 23 April 2016 Journalist or center point of this campaign Sir Hem Sharma was called me at his Rajasthan patrika  office that was   afternoon time . I did went  there and he gave me a list of some other members of that campaign for call to them about reward collection  by them  . as a team member I were accepted his order and I did invited to some social Ngo and Society because they were part of that campaign . In that movement sir Hem Sharma was told to me  we will give  you a certificate because  you have done  good work for this Amrtam jalam Campaign . mostly for your painting ( Illustration ) . He told  your art work was got lots of like on rajasthan patrika  online page . so we will give  you this reward. In that movement I were noticed  the team of Rajasthan Patrika was observing to me and  my work and they noticing I am working or not ? about campaign amrtam jalam . 

So on event of 23 April 2016 , I were joined to musical event Sham -  Ae -  gazal  at ridhi Shidhi palace Bikaner. There on stage of  Rajasthan patrika our  Former Education Minister  Dr. B. D. Kalla , sir Rakesh Gandhi ( Rajasthan Patrika )   and editor of Bikaner Rajasthan Patrika were  submitted to me a certificate about  my art work for campaign Amrtam jalam . 

Photo by Narendra Puorhit

(  Here a link of  my facebook page for your notice.  because  in Hindi I wrote to that live event and shared on my facebook wall . )

Over all visual art is a very important  and today it  is very impactful on our society . this point is know our Rajasthan Patrika News Paper or that’s team . so here I said about this important knowledge of Rajasthan patrika ..

Thanks To Rajasthan Patrika …

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, India


Enzo Marino said...

Very interesting universal this commitment! The art wraps everything: animals, plants, air, water, land, human, artistic expressions and everything that exists and we belong in CIE. Art is a hymn to life and it is natural to defend every kind of living thing. A commendation to the Rajasthan Patrika of Bikaner newspaper for his campaign in defense of wildlife and congratulations to you for your artistic endeavors. My friend always. Enzo Marino

Namrata said...

Congratulation Yogendra!!
Commitment towards Good Work will take you to a long way!!