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Art Vibration - 501

Heritage Project work  2018

Friend what is definition of heritage can you tell me ? for me heritage is my past life , you know on date 27 October  2018 I have completed 42 years of my life . so you can say my 42 year journey or that’s very important parts are my heritage . because I lived that from my soul and body too with sound of Art . 
Final work of Heritage Project Work 2018

I am practicing in visual art so visual art  zone or that’s all art and crafted  works are   my heritage .  because I am following to art and you know art was started very early to me . so its academic heritage for  my art journey . I accepting it as a art master  and I am trying to prove it by my art practice . its example is  my recent heritage project work 2018 .

Real Condition of old fashioned wooden door of  my Home

Kind  your information in this heritage project I selected a very historical wooden door of  my home ( old fashioned wood and iron work ) . A senior late carpenter was crafted that door for  our home and in present that is come in old fashion . so it was went out to our home but not out to my mind or vision . because I knew that door was work of a craft man . 

 So in respect to his craft work I selected that door for  my heritage project work 2018 . door condition was not good so I gave that door to a new carpenter for update to that door by wooden  craft work . I did pay to him for his good craft work . after wooden  craft work the door came in same look just like that’s first look . so I am thankful for craft man Sir Jainarayan Suthar or his Son  Master Jitendra Suthar . 

Master Jitendra suthar working for HPW2018
Iron worker team Member  is working for HPW 2018 
After wooden craft work that door I submitted to a Iron worker.  he crated that’s base point of door we are calling to that CHULIYA  ( In rajasthani  Language ) or some designed iron plates that was fixed on that door  for that’s original look or fashion . so thanks to Iron worker Sir  Jumma Ustad  and his  teem .

Two different kind of craft mans were worked on that door then that door was ready for my painting work . you can see to door image and then  you can know how much ruff  wood  condition of that old wooden door . so I created very smooth surface for that door by primer or potting  work . After painting base work I started painting on that door or when I painted that door in single Persian blue  color , that door was looking a  fresh old fashion door  . it mean by painting work  that door got a new look or life for some more years .
Carpanter Sir Jainarayan Suthar busy in craft work for my heritage project work 2018

wooden door is ready for

clouds Design or thats painting for my heritage project work 2018

Myself  yogendra kumar purohit
On Persian blue  color I painted  white clouds  design of Ajajnta Cave Painting style . In Bikaner some folk artists are calling to that MATHERAN  Art  but  my  Art observation is telling to me it’s a branch of AJANTA Paintings. So this Heritage project work 2018 is dedicate to AJANTA  Art or to MATHERAN ART BIKANER . I selected Clouds Design for that  door because that wooden door was fully crafted  by hand and Ajanta painting Style / Matheran Art is also come in Craft work  today or  you can say I revive to old fashioned art and craft  in form of heritage project work  2018 . for recall to art history or that’s strong passionate work by  a old fashion wooden door of  my home .  this heritage project work  2018 is just showing  to  inner respect for my heritage .

So here I said about it - Heritage project  work 2018 …

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine  Art
Bikaner, INDIA


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yogendra kumar purohit said...

Indian art Critic sir Prayag shuklaji said word beautiful for my heritage project work 2018 .He said it in Hindi ( Sundar ) yesterday on WhatsApp network .so thanks to sir Prayag Shukla ji because you were appriciated to me about this heritage project work 2018.

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I really enjoyed reading your blog thank you so much (Biswa Bhromon)