Monday, January 20, 2014

Art Vibration - 272


Friends it is a different type exercise for paper sculpture , you know ,  I am busy in paper sculpture work ,in this month and in past I have shared  some example of  my paper craft and art for  your visit and observation . I am doing exercise for convert to 2D art form in 3D by very easy medium paper and thread .

Here I am going to share a new exercise of  myself for  your visit , in this art exercise  I have used to academic engineering of structure design . I used paper thread and engineering for design a 3D ship of paper  sculpture.

First I were created lots of paper pipes and then I were started structure design of a ship by that paper pipes .In academic  sculpture art language  we are saying to that armature design . armature is foundation of a sculpture of clay, plaster, cement or paper massy . Stone sculpture not need any armature so there different type engineering is work that  is from balance of weight  .

When I were creating paper pipes in that time I were went in my childhood age in home we kids were played war war by paper pipes so this craft was recalled  to me my childhood age or that’s play  by paper pipes. When I were busy in studio for creation of ship structure in that time I were working like a binding labor of  RCC building  construction . there labors are bind to iron rods by wires and in studio I were binding  paper pipes by thread . ha ha..but feeling and work condition was same to same .

In first step I were created a simple armature of a ship by  engineering structure . that was in size 4.5 fits X 10 inches . when I got a strong armature  of paper ship then I were restarted binding work of paper pipes by thread on that paper armature of ship. When I were binding  in that time I were learning and noticing how to real ship maker was worked in past . in that  live exercise I were touched  to work style of  Leonardo Da vinci , in work of  paper pipes binding I were faced lots of problem and challenge for a right shape of Ship , in visuals  you will notice  my live challenge condition in 3D sculpture  of paper pipes .  

When I were covered to structure of paper ship by paper pipes  or binding work then I got a simple ship shape . that shape was gave me more confidence for next work on that , like a designer  or Engineer . In three days I were got a complete shape of ship by paper pipes . after that I were fixed a grill on ship  border ,and then a Weeds  of ship a flag and a fan of ship motor.

Finally when I were got a complete ship by exercise of  engineering and paper craft  I were saw a complete ship sculpture in front side of myself  and in same time I were remembered a comment of  my online friend he was said  to me { yogendra is a small captain Jeks Sperro  } ha ha ..

 For me that ship was a live 3D form of  my 2D  drawing  of Ship . over all  in four days  I were completed a new type exercise of paper sculpture by  sound of structure engineering. It was a journey by me  with lots of motion , action, observation or creation , I were felt in myself  a labor , a ship maker , a sculptor , a engineer  or a director of art vision . I can say after 2004-05  I have created one more sculpture  in size 5 fits something . it is interesting for me or  for  my art journey . I  notices engineering  is helping to art structure its making easy way for art creation.

so I said about it ..Engineering for paper ship .

Yogendra  Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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Virve Karotam said...

It is incredible, but so typical do not do anything hastily and just for fun...every job is thoroughly thought out...and final result is always superb...thanks a lot !!!