Sunday, January 26, 2014

Art Vibration - 274


Friends  you know I am busy in this days in paper craft work , I am using  newspapers and thread . by way of craft work I am creating  some 3D visuals in  paper craft. In past I have shared some art and craft work of myself  in form of paper craft with  you  on this blog  . This week I were created some more  item of our daily life in paper craft .

Actually  I am getting  busy from  my vision or observation for  create to all form or objects in paper craft.  it is a challenging art exercise for  my art vision or for  my manual art work . I am happy  my art time is creating some space  for more exercise in paper craft work and in a one month I have created  15th something  art works in form of paper craft or sculpture .

I were used  some objects  form for my paper sculpture exercise  in this objects I have used our daily life objects like bicycle, light bulb , CF bulb ,  table lamp, microphone . foot wear or traditional  light lamp ( we are saying to that LALTEN ).

I have shared  to  you in past posts about method of this paper craft work  process and how to I am creating it  by myself art exercise . so I will not re write that but I want to share  with  you  how to I selected or why I selected that object for paper craft work.

I were selected foot wear and I were converted that in paper craft  with paper pipes , it was a self test for foot wear creation in paper  after that  I were selected  to light bulb ,  in that  bulb craft  work  I have used to spare piece of news paper you can say to that  wastage .  I were  created a bicycle  through paper pipes in that art exercise I have used sallow tape for save to time . I were created a CF bulb by paper pipe  . in daily objects  creation  I have used  to form of a traditional  lamp ( LALTEN ) I were created it  with help of engineering of structure design that same method I were applied  on a table lamp or on a microphone  object creation  . in visuals of that crafted sculpture  you will notice and observe to my art exercise and that’s right method .

That daily life object creation  concept was all time taking  my mind test and test of  my patience . I were learned to work  how to complete to work or craft . in that case step by step I were getting idea for fix to object form in paper craft for  a right look . in time of creation  I felt  my mind was getting more sense or up level for art vision or that’s creation  by live exercise through  mind or hand , that’s result was coming  in front side of myself in right form of daily life objects . for live test of  my craft work or that’s perfection , I were shared some objects  on online network  for visit of world art family . I were got some right comments about that daily life objects then I were felt more confident in myself about this paper craft exercise .

A Artist friend Man Shingh was gave a cost to  my foot wear  paper craft work he wrote BATA_Rs .. 129.99. ha ha ..he was enjoyed  to that paper craft when he was looked that very first.  For Paper craft of Bicycle,  my niece was pulled to me that crafted bicycle  for self ..ha ha..over all this art exercise  is giving me much more by a easy way of art and craft exercise.  so I am happy to my art time and step by step I am sharing  my present art motion or art action with  you by this art vibration way.

I  don’t know  how long  journey I will do with this paper craft exercise in myself art journey but at present I am busy in observation of daily life objects or that’s transformation in paper craft  so I said daily life objects in paper craft..


Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
 Bikaner, INDIA

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Virve Karotam said...

I hope that you continue to create new sculptures...these are interesting and fun. And always is exciting to wait, which will be next :)
World, which is overwhelmed with things, are the recyclable materials always welcome and eco-friendly.
Thanks a lot !