Thursday, January 30, 2014

Art Vibration - 275


Poster Image from Google Image , Film The Passion of  Christ .
Friends we know the definition of passion it have two thing one is positive and second is negative . its examples  we have in  our world history , In time of Christ  the Masiha  was in passion of  right  thing about life and there king and temple  society leaders  of  Europe were  in passion of negative activity about right thing of Christ ,they were not knew what they were doing for positive  concept of life. But we can see a live passion or a height of passion of Christ for a right aim of life  In Europe History with story of God Christ or Masiha .


Here I am sharing and saying it because  I am feeling  to my passion  for creative sound or that’s expressions . childhood age to till today I am fully busy in work of creativity because  my passion of creativity is always pushing and pulling me  in creative activity . I were knew very first about this art and creative passion of myself ,  when I were  saw a movie of western cine art ,  In that Movie the director was showed his passion for film creation , he was also selected  the story of god Christ or Masiha , he was gave title to his art film passion of Christ .by that movie I were knew a complete definition of passion, I were  knew what is passion and how to it come in a person and how to a person can prove it by his patience, practice , trust  or dedication .

That right passion definition  was in myself  but that was silent working by me .  after visit the cine art passion of Christ  I were explored to myself passion  with more freedom of creativity , I were broken  to all boundaries of my creativity . 

After visit that movie I were created many art and craft works by me in different  mediums. I were created medium for art actually that is not medium in academic art rule ..hahah it was  my passion of creativity and it is continue ..thats many examples  I have shared on this creative passion of myself  it is art vibration blog  on google blogger. 

This year  I mean 2014  month January , I were explored  to myself  creative passion  with a different  medium , I were started paper sculpture  by news paper with thread , by crush and binding  work I were created 20 paper sculptures through the way of  manual craft work .

Some art work I have shared in last posts of this  blog . and here that’s real definition and basic concept  I am sharing with  you for  your observation of  my creative art passion .

When I were creating paper art work in that  time I were remembering  the live seen of  film passion of Christ . and I were felt that same condition with me for  my art journey . I were noticed   in film or history of Europe , with Christ they were attacked many time  by danger weapons on his body . they were gave lots of pain  to Christ for brake his passion and right thing about a free or natural life . here   with me I am feeling  time  and Negative  condition is Devil  for me it is trying to brake  myself trust in art and  my creative passion , it is attacking on me every movement of time and life  and I am feeling lots of weapons attacks  on my vision by hard force of devils and that attack is trying to brake  to my creative  passion . it is critical but fact of my art journey today  . this true feeling  you will visit in  my paper sculpture images  on this blog post . 

Yesterday that danger feeling of my  inner side was came out by two paper sculpture , I were created  two weapons , that weapons were  used  on Christ  for brake his passion by side of king of Europe . so unconsciously that weapons form and shape was came out by my creative passion  in paper sculpture form.

Over all that sculpture creation  movement was giving me same feeling  of passion of Christ and I were felt  it , I am on same path  of passion of Christ .  so here I said my passion on path of passion of Christ ..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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