Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Art Vibration - 269


Friends in last post I were shared  with  you a new search of art form . I were founded  that by myself inner demand of 3D visual. You did saw I were converted a small drawing of airplane in 3D by paper or thread . in this chain of 3D form  I were taken a one more step . yesterday night I were completed a one  more 3d paper sculpture . it was a elephant Sculpture in size 22X 15 inches .

When I were created  airplane in 3D paper sculpture form then I were got some more confidence  for next step of 3D  work . but when I were selected  image of elephant then it was came front side of myself like a open challenge . I were started  that without any planning of sculpture but step by step a image of elephant was looking in paper sculpture . I were used thread and some common engineering of balance or paper binding  .

When I were binding  to paper by thread in that time I were feeling thread was not thread that was a line of sketch on drawing sheet and paper was part of that sketch shadow. When  you will see to 3D paper elephant  then  you will feel it, I am  sure about it .

In paper binding work I were giving shape to paper like a shape of elephant . that was not 100% perfect anatomy of a elephant but I were achieved 80% form of a Elephant anatomy by paper binding work or by craftsmanship.

Many idea I were applied on that 3D art form of a Elephant , I were created different parts of Elephant body in paper  and in last I were joined that in a one shape that was looking like a 3D elephant . I were observing to that 3D sculpture like a large drawing of Myself  Drawing part a  Elephant . in some part of that paper sculpture I were used gum for paste to un binding part of that sculpture . but that was on few point.

 By this 3D exercise  I were got a new way for self expression it is a good step of my art journey , in last post international Artist Sir Dhruva Mistry was liked to my 3D exercise and he was wrote   a good word for  my paper 3D art work “  interesting  “ . Artist of America  Sir Richard Kushinsky was also liked to that 3D paper sculpture of Airplane . that paper  elephant was  a one more step by me for paper sculpture in 3D Form .

Here I have shared  that 3D paper sculpture  visuals with kids by mobile pictures , then kids were enjoyed  to that , they were demanded to me for work with them in same way of paper sculpture by thread or paper . I saw kids were surprising , they were asked to me how to it can possible with out any gum paste work , for kids that sculpture was a magical presentation . they  were wanted to create that paper sculpture by self exercise . actually that paper sculpture was inspired to kids for creativity of paper craft . that live movement was  my live income by a 3D paper art form . I were felt happy after create  interest in kids vision for art and craft.

Here  some visuals of that paper art sculpture for your visit  with some step of art and craft . after visit to all visuals  you can understand how to I have created and crafted to that 3D paper elephant by me through  thread or news paper. Because that paper elephant was a one more step of  my  art exercise .
So I said one more step ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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