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Art Vibration - 276


Invitation for me  from   Sahitya Academy , INDIA
Last week  I were invited  in a literature event . that was organized by national literature Academy of  New Delhi , INDIA. I were received a  hard copy of Invitation of that literature  event by post . when I were received  that invitation  in my hand I were felt happy because our National Literature Academy was noticed  my art and literature sound  in office of  Academy  House Ravindra Bhawan New Delhi . it was second invitation for me from national Academy of Literature , in past I think in year 2012  they were posted me a invitation in Rajasthani Language  in that  time they were organized a literature seminar on Rajasthani Language In My city Bikaner or in last week they  were organized a seminar on literature work of  late writer Sir Vishnu Prabhakar . that literature seminar was for two days in auditorium of veterinary collage of Bikaner .

Photo - yogendra kumar purohit,
First Day of that literature  seminar I were listened about writer Vishnu Prabhakar , he was very new writer for me because before that seminar I were not read his any book or any other literature  work, I were observed in first day  if  writer Vishnu Prabhakar  was thinking like a senior member of a big family that was our Nation. He was wrote in his  literature  like a father , on  in my view today he is  grandfather in Hindi  Literature because he was wrote his all literature in HINDI Language.

As a listener  I were wrote some words in HINDI on that academic seminar , continue two days .so that’s note links  I want to share with  you for your reading if  you are interested in reading of HINDI  language  just  like me.

Photo - yogendra kumar purohit , writer  Dr. Nand Bhardwaj is giving his speech on writing  of Vishnu Prabhakar .

Second day of that literature seminar  I were listened some more words and speechs of Hindi writers  they all were expressed to  writer Vishnu Prabhakar by his different style of literature like stories , articles , play writing, drawing, journey movement or child literature .

For that seminar   speechs  national literature academy was invited to senior writer of our nation and there I were listened to  writer Dr. Nand Bhardwaj, Brajendra Tripathi , Surya Prasad  Dixit,Shrilal Mohta, Brajratan Joshi ,Malchand Tivari ,Urmila shirish , Anita Navin, Sadanad  Sahi , Bulaki Sharma , Suresh Salil , Atul Prabhakar , Sudhir Vidhyarthi , Ramkumar Krishak Shyam Maharshi, kushal nath Upadhyay ,Satykam, Pankaj Parasar , Aniruddh Umat, vatsla Pandey , Ramshankar Divedi , Ramesh Rishikalp, Radheshyam Tiwari , Shiv Narayan , Prakash Manu ,Surendra Vikram ,Divik Ramesh, Rashmi Bhargava , Pratyush Guleri, Pratap Sahgal ,Phoolchand manav , Suyreshwer Tripathi ,Ram Ji  Bali , Rajendra joshi . 
They writers were gave speechs on writing matter of  Sir Vishnu Prabhakar in many sessions . on second day when seminar was came on topic of child literature of sir Vishnu Prabhakar . that time I were thought like a critic and I were saw a question was stand in front side of  myself for subject child literature .

Photo - yogendra kumar purohit, Writer Anituddh Umat saying on Noble
writing of Vishnu Prabhakar 
 In art we are saying child art  to art work of a child that is come in  category of child art , I have read to our art history and I were noticed a senior artist Paul Klee was created lots of painting s in his life like child painting but in last movement of his life he  was wrote a note , ( I were created paintings  like child in  my full life time  but I could not painted like a child ) so I thought that same definition of child creativity in literature subject . I were thought   when a senior literature person write some for child in that movement he or she is thinking for  character design of a child by way of literature  so that is literature of child character design , not a child literature.  because when child write to literature with free motion or mood by natural way then that literature can get a right definition of child literature just like child art painting  .  this thought was came in  my vision   when I were listened  to that national literature seminar on writing  subject  child literature of sir Vishnu Prabhakar ! 
 By luck or by shortage of time I could not put up  my question in front side of that all senior  writer of my nation or in front side of national literature academy of INDIA .

Photo - yogendra kumar purohit. writer Rajendra Joshi saying on Play writing
of Vishnu Prabhakar .  
 So  that pending question about  child literature subject I am putting her for  your observation . maybe you will accept this  think about child literature writing. And after read this  post our national literature academy  will re think on this child literature  subject because it is a critical matter for child literature …!

So I were wrote it which writing is child literature ?

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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