Friday, January 10, 2014

Art Vibration - 270


Bull head  art work of Picasso 
Bull  head , I have been  read this title very first in my art education of B.F.A.. I was in Rajasthan School of art and there in theory of western art  I were read  to Great Art master Picasso , he was created a bull head in very simple  art form ,Picasso was selected different type of  medium for his self art vision about bull head  creation , he was used  to handle or a lather  seat of bicycle .

In 2001 -02 ,I were in Mumbai for my group show , by luck in that year our National gallery of modern art Museum Mumbai was exhibited a big show of Picasso , that was a golden chance for me or  my art study . I were taken a ticket of that exhibition and I were visited live paintings and some other live art work of great art master Picasso , in that exhibition I were visited  his bull head sculpture cum installation  form .

I know you are thinking why I am telling  this past story of my art journey .but it is must for next step of this post. Actually  today  I were  got again busy in myself with exercise of paper sculpture for 3D form . unconsciously I were created a bull head  by paper or thread .when I were started that paper sculpture in that movement I were remembered to my art history or art study plus live art show of  art master Picasso or his bull head art work .

Bull head art work of  Yogendra  Kumar Purohit

I were thought  I am doing exercise with thread or paper it was  wanting  to me my energy and some more craft work for a right shape of bull head it was  wanted  more exercise  to me because I have limited  medium  of art for express to bull head  form . in critical view Picasso was used also two medium one was bicycle  iron handle and second was lather seat  of bicycle but he was not used his energy or craftsmanship for his art vision of  bull head,  in this view he was up to my vision , it is true  . in same time I were remembered statement of Great Art Master Picasso , he was said “ EVERYONE HAVE A FATHER ” …ha ha I mean  I am back side of  great  art master Picasso but I am on same path , that’s name is contemporary art .our world is saying to that Modern art . ha ha..

Here I am going to share two visuals of my creation that is bull head in paper . that size is  20X 15X15 inches . in this paper sculpture  I were tried to gave some realistic form or look to bull head by my art vision through a easy or simple exercise . when you will visit then  you will judge to my exercise of art  as a art critic and I will wait of  your critical comment on my art vision of bull head . I am sure it will give you a feeling of bull head when  you will visit it  .

Over all today my art exercise of paper sculpture was recalled  to me  my art education   or to great art master Picasso and his great art work Bull head . it was coincident but it was true of  my today  art journey , so thanks to my time and art ,because by art I can remember to past and that’s great art masters or art movement in this busy time of today .

Bull head art work of  Yogendra  Kumar Purohit

This bull head was a creation by my unconsciously webs but it was came in my vision so  I were created it for  your visit .

So I said bull head in my vision …

Yogendra kumar Purhoit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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