Thursday, January 23, 2014

Art Vibration - 273


Photo : for me  A Hard copy of Poetry book of writer  Ahila  Puhal 
Friends I think creativity is  have one sound  in any creative person but that is come out by different way of visuals or sound by different creative persons of our world art family . Someone express to creative sound  by words ,someone express by sound , someone express by performance of body  like dance , acting , painting , music ,craft or etc.

Here I am going to share a interesting or a critical but impressive movement of  my art journey it is live and artistic. So I think I share with  you as a friend or as a family member of our world art family .

Last year I were connected to a writer cum poet and painter  on online network facebook , she is a women from South India .her city is Coimbatore . one day on online I saw a art work  with some word of Tamil language , kind  your information I know the word of tamil language only VANAKAM it mean Hello . so I said VANAKAM to her after like her art work , in same time I were connected  to Cine star  Sir Kamal Hassan   on online so this same word I were shared with him VANAKAM , he was noticed  my sound of VANAKAM .just Like  writer  Ahila Puhal .

Right Image of Title  Design of Book of Ahila Puhal 
Writer cum poet and artist Ahila Puhal is a senior artist  to me , she was noticed  my many art activity and art works and some poetry of Hindi from  my note page of Facebook . she was noticed  my true art sound by her art vision ,. It was a good way for  my art journey because a senior of my nation ,that is living in other state and other part of  my nation, she is not know  my language but she know very well how to read visual language of a junior artist of visual art. So I am thankful for her art vision.

Last Month writer cum poet and painter Ahila Puhal was launched her  poetry book for tamily language community or society , I am saying it because  her book was published  in tamil language in tamil text. I did saw her updates on online and posted  my good wishes and I said congratulation for her new or fresh poetry or that’s book . she was noticed  my comment and then  she told me I will post to  you a book of  my poetry ..ha ha. I were laugh very much and said to her how to I read  your poem ? on online google have no way for translation of tamil language for other language reader . it was critical  condition for me ,  when I were received a hard copy of her poetry book by post . when I were opened to envelope of her  post  I saw a good book with tmail text title . first I were felt happy because that post and art or creative sound of writer Ahila Puhal was came in my city or in my vision by way of art communication , it was a big success of art communication of my art journey. But for reading to book I were felt handicapped  in myself because tamil language is not in my mind data so condition was sad for me.

Finally  I were called  to Ahila Puhal  then I were know she is not know Hindi  so I were told   to her in my short English and said  to her thanks for her art work or art communication . I were asked to her right meaning of her book title  then she told me  (Title : tell and go –Sollivittu sel ) .when I asked to her about translation for my reading she was said translation is  not possible of  my poetry in other language . I were felt her true creative sound  and gave full respect to her creative sound as a member of world art family so that’s live and critical art story I have share here with  you for  your visit and notice.  because it is a true result of true art communication of art and literature between two artist of our world art family.  So I asid only one word in sound of tamil language because I know about it after talk to Writer cum poet and painter Ahila Puhal ..

Photo from Ahila Puhal  facebook page , its live movement of her book launching  event. 


Yogendra  Kumar Purohit 
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA


Unknown said...

There are many things and moments in the world, which we can understand only through the voice of the heart!!!

yogendra kumar purohit said...

Writer Ahila Puhal wrote it on my blog post on facebook her word is this ( Its great to have good friendships across the boundaries of states, whom you feel special in every aspect. Language comes as a barrier between us, but the Englishmen left us with a choice of survival within our country.
One such great friend of mine is Yogendra Kumar Purohit from Rajasthan. He carries art as his Life's vision. His naani knows Tamil, that makes him to like the language more.

Usually we discuss Art, as he is doing it with more dedication. He often enquired about my style of writing and the books i wrote. And asked to send the book and I did the same.
Thanq friend for having special likeness towards Tamil and the write up about me in your blog Art Vibration...)