Thursday, January 16, 2014

Art Vibration - 271


Friends  you know camel festival is a big festival of  my home town Bikaner. It’s organizer is RTDC GOVT OF   INDIA . here in past on art vibration  I have shared some posts on camel festival . in that post I have shared  my photography art sound  for  your visit . you can see and observe in past posts on this blog posts.

Here yesterday camel festival started in my city for world family. By time condition or by rule of family culture  I could not joined  to this year camel festival as a artist but I am not sad because   I know that’s same format or performance there is nothing new for viewers of our world .it is critical but fact of that festival . our camel festival is a fix  format around camel or that’s performance . so I am not missing to this year our camel festival ..ha ha..

But  my inner art feeling were enjoyed to our city festival  by me . it is philosophical talk but it is fact of today . I were enjoyed to time of camel festival in my art studio , you can ask to me how to you were enjoyed this festival in your studio ?  so I will tell you, my friends, I were enjoyed camel festival in different angel in my studio  .I were created a paper sculpture of camel by news papers or thread .


First I were created a form of camel body and after that I were decorated to that crafted camel sculpture like a real camel decoration or that’s traditional dress up. I were shared   my time   energy and inner feeling  in that art and craft work . I saw step by step that news paper was converted in a form of camel of camel festival Bikaner .

 When  you will visit to that camel  visuals  in my photography , you will observe  to  my feeling , craft work  action, or a sound of 3D sculpture designer . I were selected news paper  because camel festival  is publish in news paper and by news paper this festival is go in all home or office of our city, state ,national or international .

Its live example is myself  home . this year i were not joined to camel festival but by news paper I were collected information of camel festival 2014 with lots of visuals of camel festival . so I were selected  newspaper  for camel sculpture . by this  art logic this is a different  angel for me about camel festival 2014  of Bikaner.

This paper sculpture of camel was gave me lots of exercise and challenge for creation or craft  I were handled to all critical condition because I were created it by two medium . I were used craft and art method on it then it could got a complete  shape of camel or in final look it was came in look  like a camel of camel festival 2014 Bikaner.

My inner sound with this festival so here I am in my studio I am writing and sharing this art and craft work for  your visit  with different angle of camel festival , I know  you all friends  will notice to my inner art sound and that’s condition by this true art exercise of camel sculpture . I am sure about it. because I trust on  you.

In last I want to say to  you it is a different angle of myself for camel festival in limited life condition of today, so I said  camel festival in Different angle ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner,. INDIA

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