Monday, February 03, 2014

Art Vibration - 277


Kala Ghoda this is a very interesting name in field of INDIAN art . its showing horse power  in art field about creative  artists of INDIA. KALA mean  Balck  and GHODA mean Horse ,BLACK HORSE .

This is a title of art fair of Mumbai . I were listened first time name of Kala Ghoda , when I were in B.F.A  Art Education , my some seniors were went to Mumbai for visit to That Art Festival . In 2000   after  my B.F.A. education I were went  Mumbai for admission in J.J. School of art about  master in Painting . in wait of  Interview date  I  were visited lots of art galleries  , in that art galleries  visits  project I  were went to Jehangir Art Gallery . after visit to Jehangir art gallery I  were searched to KALA Ghoda because someone  told me KALA Ghoda is near to Jehangir  Art Gallery . I were  searched  to KALA Ghoda there but I did not founded  any gallery type place near Jehangir Art Gallery . then I were asked  to a street artist of Mumbai . he told me KALA Ghoda is  not a gallery that is a title of  art festival . this art festival is organize with title KALA Ghoda at open space that is near Jehangir Art Gallery .

Then I were knew  Kala Ghoda is just like our kala mela of Rajasthan Lalit Kala Academy Jaipur I were laughed  on me very much .hahah it was natural hahaha.

Today is year 2014 , the Kala Ghoda is going to organize once again Kala Ghoda festival  at same open please near Jehangir Art gallery , yesterday I saw some updates of Kala Ghoda  on online network . they have updated  some visuals of preparation  of  art festival KALA Ghoda  .

For this year festival of KALA Ghoda , I have received  a online invitation for visit  to that big art festival of our INDIA . many seniors and juniors artists of our INDIA  will participate in that  art festival . That  participating artists are know me or someone not . here  I am  not ready for visit that  live art show by KALA Ghoda .you can say it is  my art limitation at present , when I were not knew about this Festival  that time I were  crazy for visit that and I were in Mumbai  or  today I am knowing about it but I can’t visit live  art show of KALA Ghoda because  I am not in Mumbai .

It is time condition for a artist and I am living it as a art master ..ha ha..because  I am busy in art work  at my art studio for search  a true way of true art by myself  .

Yesterday when I saw the menu of Kala Ghoda  on online  network in that movement a idea was came in  my vision for a creation of paper craft work for KALA Ghoda . I were thought  on  online I can share  my feeling for KALA Ghoda festival by art or  that’s image . so I were created  a horse by news paper  or thread .

 In 10 hours  I were created a horse by news paper pipes , it was  my first horse creation by paper craft , you can understand  where  to it was came out by me  in 10 hours . Here I am going to share to that horse  images for  your visit and by  this post I want to dedicate  that art work to KALA Ghoda , because in that art work base I were putted  my true feeling of KALA Ghoda  art festival or that’s visit. I were missing  something  it is true ..

May be by visuals I will visit to KALA Ghoda festival and the unite of KALA Ghoda festival will visit  my art work  for KALA Ghoda by this post link of Art vibration . because  this art work is Inspiration from Title KALA Ghoda .

When I were busy in creation of paper horse  in that time I were remembered  to words of Philosopher  late Arstu , painting of late artist of INDIA  M.F. Hussain  they both were gave definition of horse to our   world visual art .

So I here said only Kala Ghoda …..!

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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Unknown said...

Very interesting sculpture, this is another style, compared to the camel and may be getting stuck to study, how it is made....great artwork !!!