Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Art Vibration - 281



Friends  we know some time , time is create some challenge for life and some time , time is gift to us special surprise on our hard work or thats dedication . I am saying it after received a special surprise from global online network Facebook.com .

We all facebook users are knowing this year is a 10th birth year of Facebook Journey and facebook  is giving art gift to all users of facebook by a art movie . this is a special gift to all users of facebook from director of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg   https://www.facebook.com/zuck?fref=ts .

In 2008 I were connected  to facebook.com online network after guide line of our  Director of Bikaner creative Artist Group, Artist Kiran Soni Gupta . before facebook network I were communicating  my art sound with world art family by E mail. Because I were not trusted on online network , actually  I were not much more educated  about use of online communication tool or that’s networks .

But when I were registered  to myself on facebook then I were saw some Email id persons were  on facebook with his or her art work or id. I were felt some more free when I were started art communication on facebook. Here this online network  have lots of way for communication, here  you can share , visuals, text, news, event or you can talk to other artist friend by way of live chat .so I were saw everything is on facebook  for a right art communication to world art family .

2008 to till 2014 , I have completed six year on facebook network , you can say to it  my art journey on facebook . for the world  family its title is facebook but for me its my heartbook or its  my inner soundbook. 2008 to till today I have expressed my  every thing  of art or art sound in  form of painting, drawing, poetry , articles, sculpture, paper craft , photography , discussions, short notes , literature , or much more .

Actually in this six years facebook was lived  for me  like a rail track and  my art sound was moved  on it  like a   rail  on this track in around the world . this network was saved  my time ,art energy and gave me right person for  my true art sound .

In this six year  I were learned how to improve my vision of art and how to I express to me art sound in front side of world art family. In art , concept is  doing journey by form of art  in this art journey body is just like a tool so body or that’s journey is not important  for art journey but concept journey is very must for a creative artist or artist  vision. This definition is getting completeness  on facebook network , its giving space to creative concept and that concept is doing journey by web track in our world . so this facebook is a number one online network and today  Mr. Mark  Zuckerberg  facebook Designer is a number one designer of online communication  network  .

Yesterday I were received a message with a link of facebook movie  , it was posted by Mark and his facebook team . when I were watched  that link after click on my monitor screen  I was surprised , because facebook was created a movie on my facebook journey . that movie maker team was selected  some updates of myself that was collected from my facebook wall posts or updates of facebook. In short time they have expressed  my six years journey  in front side of myself , I saw where to I were started and where I am today on facebook , when I were watching to that short movie on my art work  my eyes were wet . I were went in deep feeling of  my heart and there I saw a big thanks for Mark and his team of facebook because they have touched  my deep heart by that short movie art work.

Kind  your information this year facebook have completed 10 years of facebook journey so team of facebook is gifting to all users a art movie from facebook .

As a family member of facebook I am wishing for Mark Zuckerberg and his very creative or a strong team , because without facebook I could not completed  my six years of art journey or I could not shared  my art concept with all world art family member in short time or I could not saved to my art energy or I could not expressed to myself easily in front  side of our world art family . it is true.

So I want to say thanks to Facebook or to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg .Here for  your visit I am going to share a link of that art movie  it was a gift to me  from Mark or his facebook team .

Here’s my Facebook movie. Find yours at https://facebook.com/lookback/#FacebookIs10

In this movie  you will feel to art vision of Mark and his team or  my six year art journey by visual art on facebook.

So here I said Movie on art journey..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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This young man, who is on the first frame with the colors of the flag on the cheeks...he has a very very nice smile :)