Sunday, February 09, 2014

Art Vibration - 280


Friend  someone working in our world for positive work by way of promotion to others . it is a very good thing or today it is very must  for creation of  peace and love in our world . we know some societies and NGO of our world are  working  in this way for promotion of  true work of our world .

We know our contemporary communication way is online  communication by this way we are connecting to our world in very short time . today its have a identity and we are calling to it web world . mostly all world is connect to this medium of communication for express or promotion . it is working in all sector of life , it is promoting  and expressing  to education, art, science ,business , or all subject of our life . people can get his or her interest level  subject on this web world . it is a good way for positive action or that’s success.

Last six years to I am connect to this online communication web world as a art master. I have registered myself on this web world as a visual art master , on this way I have expressed  my inner art sound and I have promoted to others art sound as a art master  time to time. Because it is my art duty for our world art family .

On this way someone are observing  continue to my art work and they are giving me space by promotional sound of them  in this web world . I know  in 2008 I were connected  to a online magazine that’s name is , when I were connected  to this online magazine  I were shared  my first blog post  ( Art Vibration-1 ) of this art vibration . they were observed  to  my  true art sound in wrong English words .

Today 2014 they are connected to me and in this six years they were many time promoted to my art  by this online magazine  in our web world. I can say they have underline  to my art .

Last week once again I saw a update from  on they have shared a link  with title Art From Around The World , in that update link  I saw  they have selected  my art painting of MYSELF . I were   shared that  art painting  image,  in year 2008 with . they have not forgot  my true art work or that’s true art sound . after 2008 I have shared many other art work  visuals with but they have shared that first painting of  myself  like a underline work.

Here  I am going to share that update link of  or a image of that update . I were collected that image from page of facebook .com.

in my heart I am once again thankful for team of online magazine  . they are noticing  my art expressions or art visuals on online  and time to time they are promoting to my art sound by web magazine of . it is a big achievement for me because my art  in underline of a world level online art magazine .

I hope this online art magazine will give  me more art energy by right art promotion of myself  art sound in front side of our world art family and I am promising to this online magazine or that’s team  I will live busy in art continue just like past because I want to create love and peace in our world by way of art just like your team of .

 I am happy someone are  working and thinking  just like me in our world art family so I am with them as a art master of visuals art. I am happy they have underline to me or  my art work .

 so I said here underline to my art …

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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