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Art Vibration - 278


Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is  collecting reward  Bharat Ratna  From Our HOn'Ble President  of INDIA ,2014
Photo From Facebook Page of President of INDIA  so thanks to President  House of  INDIA
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Yesterday was a great day of our nation INDIA. We all INDIANS were   celebrating to BASANT PANCHMI it is a special day for our Education .our education god is Lady we are calling to her SARSWATI MATA the mother of Education. We know education is a key of perfect performance of knowledge it can in any form  like art, science, sports, literature, , business or ETC.

Its example  I were noticed yesterday  ,when I saw some historical visuals updates on online . That was from our Hon’ble President of INDIA House on facebook network. I saw our Hon’ble President was giving  BHARAT  RATNA reward to very strong persons of our nation . they were gave his best performance by knowledge for our nation Image so nation was gave to them BHARAT RATNA ( INDIAN Diamond ) , it is a top reward of our INDIA , so  yesterday  Hon’ble President of INDIA  was gave it to a your man of my INDIA.he is one and only master blaster Sachin Tendulkar a wall of Cricket , he was crossed all boundaries of cricket and he has been created lots of new boundaries for new cricketer of our world .

 When I were visiting to visuals of function of BHARAT RATNA reward in that time I were felt lots of respect for  Sir Sachin  or his  cricket energy . I were visiting his cricket journey in  my memory by virtual visuals and I saw  his best performance of cricket in play grounds of all over  world.
As a artist  I have expressed  my feeling  in my art work , actually that feeling for Sachin Tendulkar but I could not shared that and expressed directly  in front side of Him  so I have converted  that true feeling in form of art work .

 You know I am busy in this day’s  paper craft work after  my daily drawing  work , so I were thought about a art gift for sir Sachin , I were  planned   for creation of  a cricket Bat  by news paper or thread.  What could I can create after or before the bat  for Sir Sachin so I did finalized on cricket bat. Yesterday to till today I were shared  my ten  hours for creation  of cricket bat . I were created it by news paper pipes . when bat was getting a right shape then I were getting some smile  on my face because  I were going for convert to my true feeing  in form of art work that was  for sir Sachin. When I were completed  to  cricket bat creation in same time I were created a ball of Cricket , in visuals of  crafted cricket bat  you will observe  to my art exercise, true feeling or that’s motional action .

When i were busy in creation of Bat  in that time  I were collecting  energy for that art work by my true feelings that was  in respect of Sir Sachin or I was in flow of art performance  just like Sir Sachin.  I am a simple artist  and I am searching  some way for creation by easy medium I have said it many time on this blog because it is in my art nature about art creation or that’s medium selection.
By this crafted  bat I have expressed  my  feelings or that’s large Sea through very limited  art medium . it is my good luck today , because  I am connected  to Sir Sachin tendulkar  on Online  network I can share with him art work images or this blog link , before  this post I have shared many blog posts of art vibration with sir Sachin.   but this post will give him a art gift by me with some art gift images of paper crafted cricket bat.

I sure  he will feel happy after observe to my feeling for his BHARAT RATNA reward or for his dedication of Cricket , because he have expressed always his knowledge  in field of  Cricket  by his  sport education . so here a Art Master  ( me art student  ) is Giving a  Artistic Salute to Sachin Tendulkar  …

Yogendra Kumar Purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner INDIA


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