Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Art Vibration - 282


Word step is giving a sense of progress  to a progressive or a creative  person. It is working with  my art nature every time when I am thinking  for creative work or that’s express by way of art medium .

In last posts I have shared  with  you some craft work sound,  actually that was  paper sculpture of  myself , this year 2014 ,   I were started this new exercise for sculpture or for 3D art form of  my vision.

 When I were started paper sculpture or paper craft in that movement I were not thought , if I will create many paper sculptures from way of  art and craft . today I have  above 30 paper sculptures by news paper or thread .

I can say it is coming out from myself inner sound   in action of step by step movement of  creativity or vision. It is a natural inner demand of my creativity . this art work is giving  some more exercise to  my mind  with lots of critical condition in practical work.

In past posts I have shared about  paper craft or that’s creation  so here I will not write that same words or matter for  your reading .  this post is just a collection of all paper sculptures of  myself  creation of this month with some visuals .

In this sculptures I have created , Bell, Tea pot,  Bird, Turtle , Badminton or Cock , Snake and Been  , Key, Telephone ,,  Computer  mouse , Grapes ,  Flower Pot, Tool of Coal Main  . This object forms I were created by paper or thread . I were  collected  this sculpture form or that’s idea from  our daily life and it was a live mantel challenge for my creativity . someone came in right form or someone near to complete form .

But this art exercise was pulled vision of other artist or art family members of our world . I did got many good views and comments on updates of  that art works. Here I can’t share all comments and views of our world art family so I want to say sorry but  you can see and notice on my facebook wall that all comments and views of our world art family viewers .

I am going to share  some more paper sculpture  work images  for  your visit in a one post . but it is not last because this creative sound is demanding to me some more sculpture  in same format that is paper sculpture.

I hope  you will enjoy it because it is  my some more steps in paper sculpture  art.

Here I said to it few more step because it is coming out by me step by step or day by day . It is giving me more sense of 3D visuals by easy and chip medium  of our world. That is useless or old news paper of past .and thread is a basic  tool of INDIAN culture we are saying to it SOOT .. mostly it is handmade thread from village women’s  or INDIA . this both medium is very easy for me about 3 D sculpture so I am working with it for  your visit to paper sculpture . 

Os It is  my few more step in paper sculpture..

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA 

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