Friday, February 28, 2014

Art Vibration - 284


This Image from Google Image ..

We know today our world is busy in work of communication or that’s information collection for future betterment . In Indian  Hindu Mythology when newspaper was not in social system in that time a one person was working for communication or that’s information .  we are calling to that person God NARAD MUNI . I can say our today communication or information system is inspired by him or his working style . who  was followed   to him very first I don’t know but I can observe that same sound in our today news paper or communication system so I said it .

Our news paper is a part of our daily life. We start our day by a cup of  tea or news paper . by news paper  we are collecting all kind of information every day of our city, state, nation ,world or this universe with all kind of subjects of our life of earth . a news paper is working for us like a telescope because through the news paper in our   room we can see or observe  to all our the world in one hour  by 20 pages .

You can think  why I am saying this philosophical talk at here ? so I want to inform  to  you by my telescope , I mean this blog art vibration , I am saying it because in this days I am busy in paper craft  work  and in this paper craft  I am using to news paper for paper sculpture .

Yesterday when I were lived busy in paper craft in that movement I were thought about news paper then I were fined  this telescope art concept in news paper or that’s real role in our contemporary social system .  in same time I were created a paper craft  in form of telescope that is in news paper . here I want to share that image  for  your visit .

We know a news paper is giving to us lots of view and visuals in 20 pages . a news paper give many angles to us  like  social condition, political condition , land condition, farming condition , education condition, critical condition, promotional condition , over all a contemporary life condition of all our the world , we can  see to other countries  or that’s live condition by our news paper in our room , this news paper is braking to distance of land  just like a telescope . by telescope we can see near to  a far spot , telescope can zoom to a  far point, very  close by zooming  telescope show to us very clear to spot of  distance . it is a magic of science research . this same thing is working with news paper I  were observed it when I think in this angle about news paper . so I were created a paper sculpture of telescope  by newspaper  for  your visit or observation I think  you will accept  my  think about newspaper . ha

So here I said our newspaper is telescope ..

Yogendra kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA