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Art Vibration - 78


Front View of  TAj MAHAL of  INDIA

2009 ,  This year I were in Chitrakoot Dham for a painting art workshop . After that art workshop I came back to Home , but I did found train for Agra from Allahabad Railway Station . so I did came Agra by train in morning  time and Agra to Bikaner I got bus but that Bus time was in evening time so my day time was passed  in Agra , because I had not  any other way after that time design for me . in that condition I did finalized to visit of city Agra and TAj MAHAL .

I were putted my bag in a hotel room ,after I got fresh bath , I were picked my camera  and booked a taxi for visit of Agra City. I was alone there but  my art and camera with me  so I were not alone in  my  life vision . That day I were arrived at 11 am on  Taj Mahal . Taxi driver was very advance  so he was  leaved me on southern side gate of Taj Mahal that gate is very close to TAj MAHAL . so I did entered very easily there was no crowd. I got ticket and There some officer were checked  my art bag. when they came in safety confidence then they were permitted to me  for visit  to TAJ MAHAL , I were happy after visit that tit security of TAj Mahal . Kind  your information I did pay fee for Still  camera  or Photography . 

Some Visuals of my Observation on Taj Mahal , Agra.
 I came in boundary of Taj Mahal After All kind of Checking I were started observe to condition of Taj like a conservation worker . I did shoot lots of pictures of  Taj Mahal  from different parts or that’s craft Arts on Marbal or on red stone .

 When I saw full live Taj  Mahal  View first time by my eyes I said wow it’s a real wonder of our world , it is a very artistic craft or stone carving design of our world  in this big size architectural  design by marbal stone. i gave silent salute to Taj Mahal Designer and as a human of peace lover I did IBADAT for Love And peace in TAJ MAHAL or On MAZAR OF MUMTAJ , I putted my head on that MAZAR and prayed for Love And peace for our world. It is real truth of  my IBADAT of TAJ  MAHAL.

After IBADAT  I were seen some more visuals of Taj  and I did shoot to that by different angles  , in that case I saw some craft man was caring to Taj they were busy in conservation work of Taj Mahal  . some one pasting white ciment  in gapes of marble Tiles , so I were shoot to them when they were busy in his Conservation work .

Myself In Mugal  Garden of  Taj Mahal  , Agra  
I saw there some tourists were visiting to TAJ and they have covered his or her shoos by carry bags , that was advance conservation work  for TAJ MAHAL cleaning by Taj Mahal Safety or  Security Society . there I saw the spot of photography on TAj MAHAL and I did requested to others for my picture shooting , a one guide was shoot  my picture but he was laughed  on me because there I were alone just like him, it was a true joke for both of us .haha.

There I were shoot to Design of MUGAL GARDEN format all design in graphical language.  garden, net of wall , calligraphy , tiles design all were  in same graphical style , that was a very strong exercise of Designers . one design in different kind of medium . Taj Mahal is a composition of Design or Calligraphy of Mugal Art In white black or in red stone , In Agra Marbal  stone is not available so that time marbal ,red or black stone was transporting from Rajasthan through  Elephants , and in market of Taj Mahal Street I saw that elephants were  converted  in marble  Elephants after 500 years it is a time joke but its fact of today , near market of  TAj MAHAL , I did buy a very small white marbal  elephant in 75 rupees from that market and I did transported to that small marble elephant for  Rajasthan from Agra .it was a critical talk to time by me . No big meaning  of that talk but I did that as a critical artist for contemporary art of INDIA.

Elephant in  marbal, I did buy it From  Street market of  Taj Mahal .
In same year I were designed a folder for care to TAJ MAHAL , I did used picture of Taj Mahal in that folder design with some flower composition , because that  years world wonder Monument selection  team was selecting to world wonder monuments architectural structure  . so I did created the sound by me  for heritage of our nation by folder Design On  TaJ mahal  and I wrote title on that  Folder Design “Care Taj of INDIA”..ha

That Folder was launched In City Craft , And Small Business Office Bikaner by hand of national Awarded Traditional Ustaa Art  ( Mugal Art ) Artist  Mr. Hanif usta & Director of City Small business office Mr. Awasthi .

National Awarded Artist Hanif usta  ( Left ) And Director of
Small Business Office  Bikaner Mr. Awasthi is
 launching  to Folder  of Care Taj Of  INDIA .
Here I am sharing with  you this historical part of my art journey because I am thinking  for our heritage structure and I am busy in project of heritage care project . today I am connected with World Monuments Foundation as a artist so its  my duty I put my view  in front of  you with  my historical art sound about world Monuments or that’s observation by myself.. in this chain I observe to our  world monument  The TAJ MAHAL .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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