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Art Vibration - 79


France Artist Jean Signoret  visiting My art work ,
At my art Studio Yogendra-art & Designing  Studio.
One day I were busy  in  my art work at  my studio . that day I were received  a phone call from a Director of  FRANCH LANGUAGE INSTITUTE  OF Bikaner , I were met   to that Franch  institute  director in Bus Journey , I were coming Bikaner from Jaipur . then I were gave  my contact number to that director on demand. That day  The Director was called me and told ,our one  Guest artist is in Bikaner  for few days , and in this visit of him , I think he can visit  your art work at  your studio . I said ok and I was asked to That  director the name of that France Artist . The director of that institute told me his name is Artist  Jean Signoret a very creative  or contemporary artist. I were gave time for our meeting at my studio . that time i were used to  my studio for photography of peoples , so day time was lived busy  for me in photography job . I did finalized our meeting day and time  on sunday because Sunday was off about  my  photography work  at  studio .

On Sunday at 4 pm I were received phone call of Artist Jean Signoret he was speaking from mid way  of  my studio. he was came by  taxi  ( Government permitted for tourist ) . so I were confident for Jean Signoret Visit.  Jean Was First artist of other country , he was visited  my art in  my studio.  it was a very new achievement of myself or for  my art studio .Jean was not knew very well English or Hindi and Myself did not know his Franch or English also. But we did communicating   our dialogue through visuals or some words of English .

When Jean Came In my studio he said its very well update art studio of  yours yogendra  , I like it . when Jean Signoret was sited  on chair he said , I want to visit  your recent or creative Art Work  so  I were putted  my art work in front  of him .that  was  my paper painting of Myself Art Research , that was starting work of  myself art concept and today that is   in art form of myself art work , kind  your information today I am very close to 1000 art visuals  on a one concept  that is myself research matter by visual language .But in that time I were painted  some visuals of myself on big size paper by color  paint , I used ink pen , blue and black + white color for  my paintings .

When Jean Signoret was visited   my art visuals  he said to me its very creative and different  to others. its very artistic mostly your line or that’s speed . in short I shared  my work concept  with him in words of English that was some right or some wrong but I could communicated with Jean  what is the meaning or concept of  my art work .  After listen  to me  he said  , you are on right track of art young boy . keep it up,  you are trying to catch to  yourself  by this visual art way its true way of true art.

I were listening his words and noticing his activity , he is giving me some international  art level confidence by his words and visit . because that time I were not showed That  live art work to others before Jean Signoret . so his words was working for me as a true Art critic words . that words is creating in myself lots of art energy . in mid of art visit we were taken coffee and on online I did shared  some art web page of myself with Jean . that time Jean Was not Online but today he is on online and we are connect  on facebook art network . ( kind  your information Jean Signoret have used a profile picture on his facebook account , that picture i were shoot for him  in  my studio )

After coffee brake Jean were visited my all drawing work one by one with full of patience and he said to me yogendra  your work is showing  your patience by  your art form . in that art talk jean Asked  to me what is the cost of  your one art work , then I said no idea about it but I know its  my pure art energy like a diamond and  you know very well the cost of a real diamond . he was listening my answer and then said to me  you are right , true art live up to  all kind of market cost , its depend on art collector and on his/her  art vision or interest .

I said to Jean here from  my studio I am not doing marketing of  my art but I am communicating to our world art for our  world contemporary art communication .  your visit is also part of our world  art communication . he was accepted  my talk and said  yes artist duty is only art work creation that’s marketing is a part of society .

Over all on that Sunday I were met to a true artist of other country France  and he was noticing my art energy and sound of visual art by my work of art. And I  did communicated very rightly my art concept  with Jean and he was accepted that with full of confidence . in that case I were shoot some picture of him  for  my art documentation and here I want to share with  you that art communication movement between two artist of INDIA and France  .
Art Work Of  Artist Jean Signoret , France .

Today on online Jean and Myself  we both are presenting our art work  for world  art communication without any marketing or ETC,  for  your knowledge  here I want to share  visuals of Art work of Jean Signoret , his drawing work I find  from his online page , I saw his drawing language is very strong and that is saying abstraction of  his inner side deep Sound  , He said  to me about his art work  in my studio meet “ I am  collecting  some color from Rajasthan  and I will paint to that color in  my next paintings and after some time of our meeting  I saw his new work on online with color of Rajasthan , here I am sharing his some true art work visuals  for  your visit .  I hope  you will notice it when  you visit his art work visuals at here .because A France Artist Jean Signoret was impressed  to myself Art journey on his Journey of INDIA  .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA.

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yogendra kumar Purohit said...

France Artist Jean Signoret said it on my facebook page link

he said - this word
I remember some days before my visit at your studio many dogs outside bit you at your hand and no one in the street helped you, but you were so involved in your paintings that it seemed to me you didn't care deeply about it ( about dogs, not at all, about people a little of course, you are human). Every day you made a drawing, the same one and in the same time a quite different one. The rain rooms in many rajasthani palaces for waiting and listening the salutary monsoon coming soon (a illusion perhaps but a good one in a so dry country); the lovers in the air in the traditional paintings; the air plane in Junagarth fort; big fishes in the sacred pools of many temples, elephants of first of all, I felt at once the standing of Rajastan in your works, : in one way you dream your country ( I like hindi way to say ''to dream'': sapnaa dekhnaa, to see dream, in French sapnaa bataanaa, and for me, you make and see in the same time),
But the most interesting for me is your process, it's not a set, not series : in your geological lines a king of history.
One follows your work as one would follow a dream : I remember one day (or one night) your drawing was isolated, another one separated in one or two, I remember the day colors were birthing.
What at the end of a dream ? how does it live a dream? All these king of question that, without art, you don't dare to ask. So keep inventing reality around you. In art, you have to dare.
Jean Signoret