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Art Vibration - 95


Painting By Artist Anurag Swami on Doha of  DHOLA MARWAN
Yes we done it  for our RAJASTHANI language , that was our true contribution for our state language promotion by way of visual art . it was not a political action it was a historical art action about language promotion . After freedom of nation here our state is working in Hindi or English but in real life we use our local language that’s name is RAJASTHANI , our RajasthanI language history is very rich and old. We have many records in book or dairy formats.

Rajasthani is a language,  this wards  said very first in INDIA,  language researcher  Iatalian write cum philosopher L .P. Tesitory . he was lived in Bikaner city and he was pass away from  Bikaner , here in  Bikaner city we have his MAJAAR near church of Bikaner. Sir Tesitory was gave a first academic dictionary of Rajasthani words  to literature and in Rajasthani language he did read lots of  literature  in form of Story, poem ( Doha ) , history and some business records in banika or dingal language, Banika And Dingal language  is format of R ajasthani language writing and that’s pronunciation .It is very old I think it was before  Hindi Language.

In 2011, I were busy in Rajasthani language writing  work as a visual artist . I were wrote 365 notes  in Rajasthani and I were wrote  to that like a visual or landscape by Rajasthani words , that was  myself  commitment  for Rajasthani writing and I gave name to that Rajasthani notes  “ TEXT PHOTOGRAPHY ” Kind  your Information  I were dedicated that RAJASTHANI  language work  to Writer L.P. Tesitory  Sir and I have shared that notes on online by facebook network with world Art family .So there to I collected a Concept  for Art workshop about Rajasthani language Promotion . Once again  I were called  to our BALAT  art community artists . we were met  in my studio and we did final a art workshop on Rajasthani Language .

We were selected subject for Painting old Rajasthani Poems ( Doha ) , Doha is a two line format poem with limited words and limited sound of vowels . In two line a poet could said his complete story and identity or expression about nature or others .  so we were selected book of Doha DHOLA-MARWAN A love Story of a King . After selection of art workshop  subject , we were started search of doha books  here and there, in that case we were visited  library of Rajasthani Bhasha Sahity avam Sanskrity  Academy. We were met to some writer of Rajasthani in that meeting  we were met  to writer Sardar Ali Padihaar ji, Shri Bhawani Shankar vyas ji, or Shri nahta ji , or some  more senior and junior writes . over all after that meeting we were collected the book of writer cum poet  Prathvi Raj Rathod , Dhola- Marvan  Love Story .

When we were read that   book then we were  fond that was not only a love story book , that is a complete definition of environment , culture and life style of Rajasthan  state . so that doha reading work was giving us lots of visuals  for painting  work . that was really great feeling for all of us because we were imagining many type visuals after read to  each one Doha of that book .

When we were completed our concept design for painting on Rajasthani  Doha , then we were booked a hotel room for our art workshop , that was June month and here in Bikaner environment was still with 45  to 48 degree temperature so for work we were needing cool environment  and that environment we can find from a cool hotel room . so we were selected Hotel JOSHI Bikaner , this hotel Director is our City M.A.L. Dr.  Gopal Joshi , he is also write and a very good literature person and he is loving  to art and culture  so he was  gave us his hotel room  for our three days painting workshop on Rajasthani Doha . ( we were Pay room rent to manager of hotel Joshi ) 

Artist . Anurag Swami , Kamal Kishor Joshi, Vishnu Swami,Namami Shankar
Acharya ,shiv kumar swami ,Dinesh Kumar ojha or yogendra kumkar purohit
Busy in painting work on Rajasthani Doha of Dhola Marwan at Joshi Hotel,
(Note – Rajasthani Bhasha Sahitya avam Sanskrity Academy was gifted us 2000 rupees , so we artists were gave 5000 rupees to Rajasthani language that was our true contribution without any profit to our Rajasthani Language . )

On first day of our Painting workshop we all artist went to hotel Joshi and there to we collected key of our room . within one hour we were changed  to room location and we were converted that room in art workshop room . one side big drawing boards some bags and color boxes Rajasthani literature books, our cameras  and laptop ETC.

First day we were invited to Press for Press conference . so RAJASTHAN PTRIKA , DENIK BHASKAR , RSTRADUT , BIKANER EXPRESS , or E TV RAJASTHAN  reporter and camera man came in our workshop place for talk .we were  served cold water and tea to all.  they were taken our interview about art workshop. We were expressed our complete concept of art workshop with aim of Rajasthani Language Promotion by visual art activity. We told to them  in art history we have lots of example like AJANTA , ALORA cave arts that is a promotion of HINDU or BUDHIZM religions . our art workshop is for Rajasthani language promotion may be by this art activity we all youth artist can  contribution of our presence in this language demand work of our state. It is not a political game its our art aim .

Some extra movement of our art workshop of Dhola Marwan  Doha painting
workshop at Joshi Hotel Bikaner., 2011 
City Media was  published  very positively our art workshop  concept in front of our City And nation by news paper or by Electronic Media . so I am thankful for media by this post. Today.

After press conference we were got busy to us  in Doha Selection for painting , each one artist was selected a different  type doha  for painting . by luck in this painting  workshop Artist cum Dr. Namami Shankar Acharya ( Dr. In Rajasthani Language, ) Artist Shiv kumar Swami was B.A. in Rajasthni , or myself because I have wrote lots of text photographs in Rajasthani  so we were translated to all doha for other artist of our art workshop . Dr. Namami Shankar was explaining or telling to us complete story of each one doha because he was read to Rajasthani History and that book Dhola - Marwan  in his study . Artist Namami Shankar was a great backup for us in our art workshop .

First day we were draw drawing on paper and filled color like traditional painting method . in mid of work we were drinking cold water and tea or some cold drinking because temperature was very high .There cooler air was caring to us .I knew  how to we were completed that art workshop in high temperature of that days .

In night some artist were stayed I hotel and some went to home because they were not permitted from home for stay in hotel .  in night there I were lived with Artist Kamal Kishor Joshi  and Artist Dinesh Kumar Ojha .
Second day we all artist was ready for work and that day we all were live busy in painting  work  in mid we were taken food in hotel as a family  and we saw  M.L. A. Dr. Gopal Joshi Ji was noticing our second day activity as a senior member of our family . we were happy because there hotel staff was caring to us very much that was great  for us , we were felt there if we were  in home .

Final Painting  on Dhola Marwan  Doha , by visuals Artist s.
Third day we were completed our painting after hard work and struggle in hot environment by luck we all were safe we were not got  ill condition in 48 to 50 degree temperature . ha ..On closing day of our workshop we were exhibited our art work in hotel and we were invited  to art lover  for visit our art work On Rajasthani  Doha .We were felt happy when writer Bhawani Shankar visya ji, Artist mahaveer Swami Ji , youth writer Irshad Ali , Harish B Sharma and Ramesh Bhojak Shamir came for visit and they  were joined to us in a last closing time of our Art workshop  .

M.L.A. Dr. Gopal Joshi  ji said ,it is a good youth art energy of my city , they are thinking for  Rajasthyani language promotion and they are adopting way of art for peaceful action about Our Rajasthani language Demand , he said its duty of artist and writer they create true social sound by his or her tool . over all he was happy to our art activity and our work place selection , he said this art activity is very first creative activity in our hotel so my blessing to all of  you , youth artists of  my city.

Writer Bhawani Shankar Vyas ji said this is a real work for language.  he was  remembered  to history and that’s historical art records . he was compared our art work to  historical  art records .  National  Awarded Artist Mahaveer Swami Ji said  this art work is very special for Rajasthani language , a painter can share some educational  sound with society by his or her visual language and here our youth artist of Bikaner  have done a good promotional work for Rajasthani Language  by visual language activity .   it is must  for  all creative person , they come  for this type social activity of  language promotion .he was said it , after visit our language promotional Art workshop work .

Art visitor is visiting our art workshop painting  work , in this visitor ,
Dr. Gopal Joshi ji M.L.A. Bikaner, writer Bhawani Shankar vyas ji,
National Awarded Artist Mahaveer Swami ji, youth writer Irshad Ali,
Harish B sharma , Ramesh Bhojak Sameer and a art love boy. 
We saw a boy was came for visit our art workshop paintings , he did asked to us very much about art and painting that was a very special movement for us in that painting  workshop on Rajasthani doha . because that boy was committed to his self for creative work creation.

In That three days  we have done  art exercise , struggle in hot environment, lots of art talk and fun , photography work for documentation , enjoyment of food like family food , communication to society about Rajasthani language by visual language .it was a complete true Art dialogue to language provider, guider or Language Register of GOVT of INDIA.

 Because we have done art work for text language , we know text is drawing of inner sound so we were organized that  visual art workshop for text language promotion .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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