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Art Vibration - 94


Logo of  Our Seven day collage art workshop-BALAT 2011,Bikaner .
 Friends we know life  definition is journey , we all are live busy every time  in journey that journey path is our time or body  , some time we are live busy in physical journey or some time we live busy in visional journey. It is a universal fact with us.

I am Artist and I am continue  busy in  my art journey after commitment to  art field . in that commitment I have passed 20 years without brake or it is continue  with  my life ,  you can say to it,  its  my art life. In this art journey , year 2011 , I were called  to youth artists of  my city Bikaner For a seven day art workshop . Because that time summer holiday was on for all .

After my  art call I saw seven artists were came with me about a art workshop for  seven days . that was open challenged  for us , because environment was very hot , temperature was near 45 to 48 , but some youths  art energy were accepted that art challenge . they all were  committed to art and then with my love .

we seven Artist in mood of rest after second day work of our collage art work in hot environment at Sudarshana Kala Dirgha, Bikaner,
We were booked our art work place and  we were created work concept  at  my studio  and then we find  a
subject for work collage art work by  color magazine paper cut paste . we were  booked Sudarshana kala Dirgha ( Art Gallery of Bikaner  ) for seven days .we were fixed our  meeting time at Sudarshana kala dirgha  with our pocket money that art journey we were started by our self pocket money just like a group tour of any tour station.

Our first day of art journey I were went very first at Sudarshana kala dirgha I were opened to gallery  and waited to all six youth artists. One by one artist was came in gallery with art tool ort art mood . all were in full confidence about work of art or about that environmental challenge. When we all seven artists were seated  in gallery that time we were collected money for art medium .Here  to our real  art journey of seven days was started .

we all seven artist is busy in work of our collage painting in
workshop of  BALAT -2011 , Bikaner .
First day journey was completed by us through collection of art medium like gum, gum tem , big paper sheets , colorful magazines and some more tool for art work . After collection of that art medium we were  fixed work place of each one artist in gallery and  , in gallery wall we were fixed a space  for our workshop logo design . in mid of work we were trying to get coolness  by ice water or by cold drinks.  In first day work place  fixing  time,  we were gave name to our workshop “ BALAT “ This is Rajasthani Language word ,its mean craziness about work passion .We were passionate about our art work in 40 to 48  degree temperature .Really we were crazy in that movement why we don’t know but we were . ha

In first day we were created a logo design in collage work for our workshop , with words of Rajasthani  Language . we all seven Artists  Mr. Kalam Kishor Joshi, Mr. Anurag Swami, Mr. Anikesh Kachhawa , Mr. Shankar Roy , Mr. Shrikan Ranga , Mr. Shiv Kumar Swami , and myself yogendra  kumar purohit were created one work on first day of our art journey in that movement someone  were cutting paper and someone pasting to that paper on collage work sheet. Some someone were shooting visuals by camera and someone were giving  cold water to all . I saw our art journey was started with corporation like a family , I were watching to all like a master or as a member of that art journey .ha,  overall first day we were completed a art journey day with joint work in form of collage and that’s result we got a mix ideal art work in form of logo design of our art workshop . that was a first great art journey day of seven artists .

Day Second , we were started our Art Journey at 11 am in Art gallery , that day we all were selected our place of art work  because we have pasted work sheet on gallery boards before work , there we were talked about work and that’s concept.  then I were gave idea just create your own idea and image on your sheet , feel free and do work , in mid  you can talk on work and concept to other artist  we will help  to each other . our second day art journey was very busy , because all artists were busy in subject drawing and that’s color paper selection from Magazines. That was interesting  for all we were  calling to other hey I want yellow if  you find then save  for me other one told I want blue dark blue so any one find then give that ha. Really that was interesting task for all . but second day we could not completed our drawing or collage work . we were closed to gallery and went to home . in mid of home way we were shared some art news by press note  with city media or with press .

Day third , was very busy like our second day of that art journey . we were came in gallery on time and then got busy in work . we all were selected some complicated and big conceptual work in collage  form ,and collage work was  looking easy but that’s process was  very tuf we knew in that art journey . third day we were taken some light food and then cold water , that day temperature was very high I think near 50 degree or up we were not normal that was environmental challenged for us. But we were lived busy with full of patience and worked on our work sheet .

Dr.Shatish Gupta is giving demo of Montage Art In our art workshop of
Collage Art work , at Sudarshana kala dirgha ,Bikaner 2011 
Day four , I were invited  to some senior artist  for visit our art workshop and someone came in gallery for visit after read our art workshop  news by news paper . so fourth day was a light day because that day our workshop artists were came in finishing line of first work . that day we were updated lots of visuals on online from gallery. you can say that was live show of our art workshop on online by a small laptop .ha ,  On forth day of our art journey we were invited to montage art master Dr. Shatish Gupta ji , he was gave us a live demo of his montage art and we were discussed  on collage and montage art Subject  with him  , so our  fourth day of art workshop was a learning  day about collage or montage art. We were served some brake fast and cold drink to our senior Sir Shatish Gupta ji , by luck that day A electronic media E TV news Editor and Photographer Mr. Dheeraj Joshi came in our gallery and he was covered our montage or collage art work activity  or E TV was telecasted that art news on E TV evening news.

Seven Artist still with his big collage work of Balat Art Workshop
Day five  ,  we were completed our one big work in collage form by hard work or  patience . our patience  you can visit in our work visuals at here.  Fifth day was day of art talk that day National awarded Artist Shri Mahaveer Swami , Literature person Shri Bhawani Shankar vyas and critic Saral visharad ji came in our gallery and they were visited our collage work and that’s impressions . there I were noticed Artist Mahaveer ji was explaining our work to writer Bhawani shaker ji and Bhawani Shankar Vyas ji was  Explaining our workshop title BALAT to Saral visharad ji or to Mahaveer ji  with example of Writer kanhiyalal sethiya ji he told ( Balat word is from Rajasthani and Kanhaiyalal Sethiya writer of Rajasthani language  was used this word many time  in his literature ) that was great movement for we all seven Artists of BALAT  art workshop . we were selected a very rich word of literature of Rajasthani language , we were selected that unconsciously but that title selection  was clicked to others consciousness, it was true success or our title selection .  Over all after art and literature talk our fifth day was complete by art journey we were walked five days continue by art exercise  on path of art Journey.

21 collage Art work of Seven Artist of Balat Art Workshop , at Sudarshana Kala dirgha , Bikaner -2011 
Day six , that day we all seven artists were stared second work  in collage , that work size was 12 X 12 inches . Artist Shankar and myself were  lived very much busy on fifth day of our art workshop , in that movement me and Shankar were created four- four work in collage  and in work race we came first to all,  ha. We were criticism to all for their work speed . we were joking but friendly on all five Artists. I said to them  you five artist is walking very slow to us so move fast and come with us that was critical guide line to all youth artist but I were knew collage work is very slow speed work .  on sixth day we were completed 21st  art work in collage style some work was in under process or on final stage .

Day seven , last stage of our seven day journey by way of art. On seventh day I were invited  to Director of archeology department of Bikaner. Dr. Mahendra Khadgawat  for visit our Art workshop . I were went his office before our workshop time , there I were wrote a invitation note on paper and handover In hand of his office worker . After that invitation activity I came in gallery there Artist Anurag told me  my father will come today evening for visit  our art work because he was thinking something for our workshop art work, we all were knew that day was last day or our workshop  so we were reset to gallery like a art gallery our work was ready for art visitor after final touch, we were surprised to ourself after visit our work and gallery condition or environmental challenged , we felt happy and cool in hot environment after some hard exercise for work of art .that was really tuf art journey but time was gave full support to us so we could done that .

National Awarded  Artist Mahaveer Swami is busy in visit of collage art workshop  painting ,at Sudarshana kala dirgha
Bikaner, 2011 
in evening time Artist Mahaveer Swami ji and archeology department Director Dr. Mahendra Khadgawat sir came in gallery and visited our art work , he was saw first time collage art work and that’s exhibition in Bikaner or in his life. He was enjoying to our work of art and then in last movement of his visit .he was gave us some gift money or promotional donation  from account of  Rajasthani bhasha  sahity avam sanskriti  Academy.  because he was managing to Rajasthani bhasha sahity avam  sanskriti academy as a director  too. That art promotion action of Dr. Mahendra Khadgawat  our city news paper was published  with his picture.  Before visit of Dr. Mahendra Khadgawat  , national Awarded Artist Shri Mahaveer Swami ji came in our art gallery  and he told I want to collect  your all 21 collage art work so can you give me or not ?  he told to us  I will pay you  your work cost par artist 2000 /- are  you ready or not ?

Dr. Mahendra Khadgawat is enjoying collage painting of Kamal kumar joshi and i am explaining his work process
to Dr. mahendra Khadgawat on last day of our collage Art workshop , in Sudarshana Kala  Dirgha Bikaner, 2011 .
That work collection talk was a last stage of our seven day art journey we were started that journey from first day and on seven day we were created 21 art work and that’s work pulled   to a real art collector  of our city so after a short talk we were gave our work to Artist Mahaveer Swami ji , and we were got 14000 + 2000 = 16000 rupees by that seven day art journey . here I want to relate this art journey to our INDIAN Mythology theory , people start journey for temple by walk they can walk 100 to 1000 KM. with trust and respect about god and that’s temple . they are just walk and walk and on last stage they are arrive to that god temple . on temple they are pray and get blessing from super power and they are get  relax  in life journey .that same condition was applied  on our art journey we were stated from empty hand in very hot environment without proper art medium but our aim and vision was set  for art exercise with true seven days journey by way of art.  so in last day I mean on seventh day we got some positive energy and blessing from seniors with some financial backup or art promotion . over all our BALAT art workshop have completed seven days successful art Journey by seven Artists..

(BALAT  was  Continue … 2 -3 -4.. )

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master Of Fine Art

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