Monday, April 22, 2013

Art Vibration - 90


 My art presentation by  Vision of  Eyes Concept.
 Eyes is a very strong part of our life , who planned it  or who designed  it for  life ?  I don’t know about it , Are  you know  ? . In Indian mythology ,Historical  books is saying 84,000,00 types  different  life is on our earth . that all types life have eyes for visit to  all side   on this earth for live life . we  are know what is use of eyes its help to life  for search of basic life requirement on this earth . Eyes is a true guide of life .we can say to eyes, it is a sores of  visibility without any kind of  help on this earth .

In Human life we can live in any other condition but we can’t live without eyes. Some blind people live in blind condition but they are not live his or her complete life in this natural earth life . we know blind man or women always want support  for life movement , they can’t move without any help in home or out of home .They always need support .

When we close our eyes then we can feel to real condition of a blind person that is very dark for us . when we close to our eyes we can’t live  in that condition continue five minute but blind people live it, in his or her complete life they can’t see to natural light in his or her life . without any medical support .

We know common man or women always use of eyes for basic requirement of life . but eyes is very important for creative person or a researcher, A Doctor can control by his  or her eyes  on physical accident  of patient through medical treatment or operation . A creative Artist can create some visuals by observation from his or her eyes . so eyes is a very important part of creative person  life on this earth.

The Doctors are busy by his or her eyes in eyes operation .
Here I am saying it about eyes because I am living today from  my eyes support , I am visual artist  you all are know about myself today and in visual art every artist is observe to eyes , eyes is give  matter for thinking , for reading, for noticing and for imaging .A visual artist can’t create visual without eyes . ( in critical language we can say someone have eyes but they can’t create any creative product  it mean they are totally blind with open  eyes  ).

Last 20 years to continue  I am busy in  my creative exercise of art and in this art exercise  my eyes is my first guide for  demands of my inner art sound . I have collected  lots of art knowledge , observation of different  elements nature of our earth nature  and I could created concept of art from my eyes support . it’s a real fact of  my art journey . without eyes I can’t create anything from myself .

This kind of thought I were thinking   in  my art education time . in that study time I were observed the others life and life effects from my eyes . that live study from eyes were inspired to me for a art work creation because my eyes were  giving me vision for art creation and I were done that , from  guideline of my eyes . Actually  my eyes were giving me vision  for a true art work. So I can say, I were noticed  my eye is  key of  my vision .

Here for  your example here by this blog  you have read and noticed  my lots of art vision  in past and I sure after this post  you will accept it  100 %  . I am sure about it because I have trust on your vision because I know  you are not blind ha .

Ok I am going to share  my one art concept on vision or eyes. Hope  you will like .This art work concept base, I were collected from Jaipur Streets. I were noticed my two eyes can visit to thousands eyes of others people  on the road.  one side my eyes and second side others people eyes. In that visit or observation  time some faces are get fix space in memory  and some one can’t get that space of memory  , you can relate this talk with our relations with others  , I were thought , we are judge and balance to others people from our eyes observation , our eyes is guide to us for judgment about others people .  our eyes send observation to our heart and our heart judge to that observed subject and then select for memory or out of memory , this is a philosophical definition of vision creation  but it is live continue with us when we are see, visit or observe  to other objects of this earth.

So this kind of vision definition   I were converted in a art presentation . I were created 1000 eyes by handmade paper .i were designed   a old balance manager tool of  iron . I were created  some hearth shapes by red cloth and cotton . I were designed some digital graphic images with eyes and in mid of eyes I were pasted some picture of  my relatives or friends that was symbol of my memory or judgment of  my eyes + hearth + mind = Vision . I were created a street look on a big ply board and managed that all crafted elements on that street look black  ply board. On a other  board I were pasted digital graphic eyes prints and finally I were displayed  that presentation as a art work or as a vision of myself. After that art presentation of eyes observation I said  my eye is Key of My vision .

Yogendra  kumar purohit
Master of Fine Art
Bikaner, INDIA

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